What Is The Origin Of The Ouija Board?


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It is claimed that its history goes back as far as 540 B.C.E, and that the Greek philosopher Pythagoras used it. On the other hand, the Knoxville News-Sentinel once quoted Canadian author Allen Spraggett as saying in his book Probing the Unexplained: "Anyone who has sat around that infernal instrument of divination, the Ouija board, knows what a dud the ritual usually turns out to be."

The Ouija talking board usually is about two feet long and one and a half feet wide and one-fourth inch thick. Variously arranged on it are the words "Yes," "No," "Ouija," "Mystifying Oracle" and "Good Bye." Also on it appear the letters of the alphabet in two parallel arcs and the numerals from 1 to 0 in a straight line. Included is a heart-shaped little board resting on three pegs, toward the point of which is a circular glass.

In the United States both spiritualists and astrologers have spoken out against toying with the Ouija board. They call it "harmful and fraudulent," causing people to become emotionally upset even to the point of becoming insane
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Ouiji Boards are dangerous. You are not communicating with the dead but with a demon. And you open yourself for them to come into you.    The statement by 'mingo' above 'causing people to become emotionally upset even to the point of becoming insane' may be very true.  The emotional instability and insanity is caused by the demon(s).    And even the spiritists and astrologers have said, paraphrasing, from above statement 'don't mess with it'

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