What Is An Ouija Board?


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The Ouija board, about two feet long, a foot and a half wide and a quarter of an inch thick, contains on its surface the letters of the alphabet in two arcs, one under the other. Below these in a straight line from left to right are the numbers 1 to 9 and 0. Underneath the numerals is the phrase "Good Bye." In the top left corner is the word "Yes," and in the top right corner "No."
Upon the polished surface of this board rests a small heart-shaped indicator mounted on three felt-tipped pegs with a transparent disk toward its pointed end. Usually two persons place their hands lightly on the indicator and ask questions of the board. In many cases the indicator moves from letter to letter spelling out words and sentences in answer to the questions. Sometimes the answers are amazingly accurate, even foretelling events that actually take place.
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It is a demonic thing that should not be tampered with. They're are things for whom which us humans do not know about. Demons can be allowed into your homes and create portals. Ouiji boards are evil, and are indeed REAL. Do not do it..if you value whatever you have...including your own life.

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