What Is The Seventh Son Of The Seventh Known As In Christianity?


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The seventh son has a connection with Jesus Christ in several ways.

Seven is said to be the number of spiritual perfection.

In the new testament Jesus is said to have six brothers and this is referenced several times.

In the book of Revelation 5:6 there is reference to many sevens all related to Jesus Christ.

The time of birth during a full moon may be the key element of a seventh son, Christ is said to have been crucified during a full moon at Passover.

I am a seventh son born on the 14th, my mother and father was also born on the 14th. 

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Son of the seventh son is not a Christian doctrine. It comes from folklores. This refers to an unbroken line of only male descendants. The son of the seventh son is supposed to have mytical powers. He is often called the "cure".
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The number seven has always been a very mystic or sacred number. It consists of four and three which are always viewed as lucky. Even among the Pythagoreans, these two numbers are accounted as lucky numbers. It is of great significance in Christianity. The number seven keeps recurring through popular mythology as well as daily life. For example there are seven deadly sins, seven heavens, seven Kings of Rome, seven seas, seven wonders of the ancient world and seven senses. Of all the numbers, seven is believed to be the most magical and mystical.

According to folk magic lore, seventh son of a seventh son is someone who is supposed to possess remarkable magical and healing powers. He is born with the gift of clairvoyance, with the ability to cast powerful spells on others. He is thought to be able to heal others by laying his hands on them.

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