What Do Seventh Day Adventists Believe In?


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Adventists refers to a belief where the followers anticipate the imminent second coming of Jesus Christ. To them this date is known as the "Advent". They hold a number of unique and common Christian beliefs. They believe that Jesus was the son of God. The Sabbath for them is Saturday instead of Sunday. They attend church on this day and observe it as a day of rest. They avoid work, study and even shopping on this day. The religion mirrors Islam in the sense that they do not drink alcohol, eat unclean meat like that of pigs and believe in modesty in dress. The community believes in spreading the word of God, in other words it has a missionary type of character. Their priests are known as pastors and are allowed to marry. The Adventists believe in the Trinity but do not attach importance to saints. They have several other beliefs all their own.
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I am a Seven Day Adventist. We believe that God is coming and the end is near. We have 28 Fundemental Beliefs. Not 27 anymore. The 28 is growing in Jesus Christ and changing to become like him through God and have his character. If you have anymore questions please ask.
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1. They believe in the Trinity,  

2. They believe in keeping 10 commandments and the Saturday Sabbath. 

3. They believe that the Catholic church is the great whore of Babylon and that all other protestant churches are her daughters.

 4. They believe that once Sunday worship becomes mandatory everyone who worships on Sunday will receive the mark of the beast (they believe that the Catholic church changed the Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday by her own authority over the scripture.  Convert's Catechism of Catholic doctrine page 50.)

5. They reject the immortal soul and eternal hell. 

6. They believe that Christ is Michael the archangel. 

7. They believe in keeping the clean and unclean animals rules. 

8. They believe that after the millennium once satan and the wicked are destroyed.. The earth will be re-created.

I'm not an Adventist but i have studied their material.

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Seventh Day Adventists have this so called 27 Fundamental Beliefs which you can find here: 27 FUNDAMENTAL BELIEFS

WARNING- I was once a Seventh Day Adventists member, they are teaching false doctrine which will misleading or direct you the wrong understanding of the truths or idea. Please rely on the bible interpret you alone then men.

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