What Is The Role And The Function Of An Imam In A Sunni Mosque?


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He is required to lead the congregation prayers.
He can be related upon to read the burial prayers and oversee the washing of the dead.
He is necessary for teaching the children how to recite the quran.
He can perform marriage services.
He can provide, community,leadership and guidance.
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Imam is a title given to a Muslim congregational leader who leads prayers and directs sermons in gatherings and services. The Imam is sometimes known as a ‘teacher’ for the simple purpose that he teaches others about the Muslim religion, through sermons, addresses, lessons, etc. The Imam may also conduct religious ceremonies.

The main roles of the Imam are to provide religious leadership to the Islamic population in a certain community, and to guide the Muslim community. The Imam may also often be the leader of a mosque. He (there are no women Imams in multi-gender communities) is also often sought after for guidance, consultancy, advice, sometimes spiritual related, questions relating to Islam or the Muslim religion, and to solve social problems and arguments. Since it is believed that Imams are chosen by God to lead them, (although they can be anybody, but are usually well versed in the Qu’ran and are selected democratically by the community) Muslims are expected to follow the Imam, and respect him.
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The imam in a Sunni mosque is the person who leads the prayers. An imam is required to be pious, knowledgeable of the Quran and of Muslim religious ritual, of good repute, and acceptable to the majority of the mosque congregation. A woman cannot lead men in prayer, and hence cannot serve as an imam in a mosque. It is permissible, however, that women join communal prayers in mosques, provided they range themselves in special lines behind the men.
The imam is also required to be very knowledgeable because he must be able to give sermons regarding Islam. An imam is also to give Islamic lectures and speeches about Islam and teaches the Quran.
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1- If there is only one follower; the Sunnah is to stand on the right side of the imam, next to him. This is according to the hadeeth of Ibn ‘Abbas t, who said:“I prayed with the Prophet at night and I stood on his left. The Messenger of Allah ﷺ thereupon held me by my head from behind and placed me on his right.”[ Source: Muslim.]

2- If the congregation is two or more, the imam stays in front of them at the center or midpoint of the row. This is according to the hadeeth of Jabir and Jabbar (may Allah be pleased with them) that one of them stayed on the right side of the Messenger of Allah and the other on his left. Ja’bir said:“Then the Messenger of Allah ﷺ held our hands together until he made us stand behind him.”[ Source: Muslim.]

3- Salah of the one who prays alone is to be behind the row. It is only valid in case there is an excuse, like the case of him not finding enough space in the congregational row for him to perform salah

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