Would You Rather Be A Vampire Or Have Wings?


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Anonymous answered
I would be a vampire taking old blood from a blood bank to fed on.
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Asuka Jr. answered
...To walk the night, silent, unseen... Quietly stalking my prey... Seeking the dark underbelly of modern civilization and calmly, but firmly weeding out the violent, the hateful, the bigoted... Drug dealers, child beaters, rapists, Republicans... (I mean... Um... Heh.)
 Yeah, I'd definitely have to be a vampire. The enhanced senses, preternatural speed, strength, and perception... And the immortal lifespan needed to really weed the unpleasant side of life down... Heh.
 ~~Come to me, Mina Harker... Come... And listen with me to the songs of the Children of the Night...~~
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moodie madd answered
I would want to have wings. Be a large bird that flies around during the day impressing many. It would be great to fly. The things you would get to see!
Rachele Grover Profile
Rachele Grover answered
I would rather be a person with wings because I love to fly.  Plus I do have dreams that I flew all the time.
Marco The Great Profile
Marco The Great answered
Well, I think I would rather fly. Wow Draaxen, that was such an interesting question. Your so smart and handsome!
Soul Fly Profile
Soul Fly answered

Wings take too much upkeep, and I like garlic too much to want to be a vampire.  So my answer is I would rather just wingless flight. Or maybe be able to jump around like the dude from "Jumper". Yeah thats it... Yeah

Mizuki Himeji Profile
Mizuki Himeji answered

Have wings. Just imagine yourself in an anime where you have to live your life in secrecy then finally you are one day in school and your wings pop out in front of your friends and your Senpai, then they all go out and look for you because as soon as that happened you spread out your wings and flew away... Damn I got way into that... Oh well >w<

Brandi lol Profile
Brandi lol answered
I've always wanted to be a vampire.  flying would be really cool but i wouldn't want to be popping eggs out.  plus I've read way to much about vampires to ever consider anything else.
cool question.
Susan Bohl Profile
Susan Bohl answered
I would love to have wings, to soar over the earth and water, and land on mountain tops, just to enjoy the view!!☺  
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Samantha answered
I would rather have wings, I have always dreamed of flying, but in my nightmares, blood and death... Oooooohhhhh, that sounds like a poem!

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