What does it mean when you dream of flying?


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It means dealing with influences that hold us down such as self-doubt, worry or anxiety.  It can also be interpreted as gaining independence and realising your potential or a particular skill or talent that you have.
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Bre Fawn
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...so this means I can't deal with influences such as self-doubt, worry or anxiety or gain independence or realize my potential?
Bre Fawn
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I've never had a flying dream, and I can't fly in my lucid dreams.
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Escape,freedom,soaring above your problems on the ground/in your life. Sort of like doing the superman thing in that movie with neo.
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It symbolizes multiple things. The first could be your desire to be free from a situations and just escape from your life and enjoy the world around you. If you're on top of a situation too could be another interpretation of flying. Literally, it could represent how much you want to visit the world.
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You wanna fly with the eagles get a taste of freedom poop on other peoples unsuspecting heads be free and lift you wings to the air! (Just kidding) Janey knows all (Bow down)

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