How Does Modern Christianity View Events Like The Crusades, Or The Spanish Inquisition?


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Well, there are mixed views about these issues in today's modern Christian world. On one hand there are people who view crusades as totally immoral and barbarous whereas on the other hand who are in total support of this act. That is why they are now supporting war on Iraq and Afghanistan as totally justified. It is not about religion anymore, it is about the individuality of Christians all around the world. Christians (as well as people from other religions) are now making more informed decisions not only based on knowledge of their religion but also according to the information available to  them.
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Looking at the past and applying the value system of today to deeds in the past is an unfair way to judge these decisions.  We now have the luxury of being able to look at the many sides and conditions that contributed to the rise and fall of societies and cultures and events.  The 20/20 vision of now can not be applied.  The “church” would never condemn past acts of violence.  Just is not in the best interest of the leadership.  What is done is done.  Nothing more.  Now on the flip side the Middle East folks still believe that jihad is a right of passage and I have been surprised by the many Muslims from my own country have gone to the conflict in the Middle East now to fight and make that check mark in their religious passage.  If you would like more information on that I surly can direct you in the right path. 
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I wasn't asking so people would apply the value system of today...What your saying is we shouldn't have an opinion on the past? Whats done is done yea, but why can we not still discuss it?

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