Will The Earth End This Wednesday?


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No, its just media hysteria. I seen the 'end of the world' headlines too. If there were really ANY REAL chance that turning on the LHC would create something that could come close to destroying the earth then the experiment would NEVER have been okayed...
These people are worried that the high energy collisions between particles will create mini black holes, which could then expand and eventually engulf the earth...structures like mini black holes may well be created, but on incredibly small scales, and none that could expand. Instead they'd flicker into existence for fractions of a second then fragment...
Every second of every day particles and rays from space enter the earths atmosphere and strike particles with MUCH higher energy than will be created in the LHC. If there were any chance of the world ending due to mini black holes it would have ended long, long ago.
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Yeah, i read all about the collider....i know scientists are ignorant about some real  life things but you would think that they would not want to kill themselves with their own invention that wouldn't be very smart now would it ....but they did play with the atom bomb so you never know how truly dumb they are about these things...i think i read that the only ones to die we're when they we're building it when some kind of rigging collapsed...besides the earth is supposed to have a final battle and be cleansed with fire...
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No!!! If there was any chance of this, then the media would already be all over it, the paparazzi is great at that one. Hype is all it is. No more, no less.
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YES< MOST ASSURANTLY, THIS IS CERTAINLY THE CASE, I HAVE THIS ON THE HIGHEST AUTHORITY> Now where is it that you live exactly ? There are some people that wish to speak with you on this matter. You will know them by the WHITE SUITS that they will be wearing.
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I don't think so. If this did happen, then the media and press would have spread it throughout the world thoroughly.

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