Is There Such Thing As Vampires On Earth?


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The existence of vampires on our Earth is an argument similar to the existence of God. Whilst many will dismiss them as purest fiction, there are others who would argue that the idea of a vampire as it is portrayed in fiction must have originated from some degree of truth. It is also argued that whether you believe vampires exist or not is dependent on your definition of them. For example, if you see a vampire someone with super strength and the ability to transform into a small winged mammal at will, then you probably don't believe in their existence, but if your view of a vampire is more of a person with photosensitive vision and skin, enlarged canine teeth and dark eyes then yes, they do exist.

An important part of the argument is belief. Just because a person does not believe in something does not necessarily mean it does not exist. There are thousands of people who will argue that vampires do exist in real life as they do in books, and without proof or disproof it is impossible to know for certain. In fact, even scientific proof depends on a person's believing in it for it to be upheld as truth in the first place.

It is entirely possible that vampires do exist in our world, but it is equally possible that our modern societies will never come into contact with them, or truly learn of their existence. For the time being, there are plenty of writers and artists who seem content with popularising the legends!
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Vampires from fantasy are probably are not real, but people who like to drink human blood and stay up at night and sleep at day might be real.
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This is quite interesting because I saw a documentary on this a few days ago.  There was a woman in the 16th century who used to bathe in the blood of virgins because she thought it would make her stay beautiful (100s of them).  I know it's gory to think of, but it is documented; I just need to remember her name and I'll get back to this when I do.  As for the way we as the world view vampires the Dracula, the bloodsucking immortal, I do not believe they exist, but there are those who may practice some of the same types of ritualistic behaviors of or stigmata!  Hope it helps if any...
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There used to be a very long time ago b.c and you all who say they arent scared of the light well they actually are and ive seen one so ill share what happened but not all of it back in the day of 1950 it was very dark.
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Depends on what religion your from I support nyx
if you want to know who nyx is then  the house of night series ill tell you th numbers
1. Marked
and coming soon burned trust me if you like TWILIGHT youll love this series
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To some pepole they think vampires are not real. But I think there were vampires a long time ago. But who know,  there might be some still out there but no one knows.

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I think there is vampire on earth because my grandma told me that a vampire bloodsucking and no their not normal and maybe they look weird but they was on the ear ht for a long time ago before anybody was born there was vampire on earth so if  you don't believe ask your mom and dad if was vampire on earth. But last but not least they don't exist anymore
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If there where such a thing as vampires,I don't believe people would be saying it around I believe people or humans would keep to them self. Vampires are just like witches you always wonder if they're real as well. Like God People don't believe in god and others think hes is real. If there are Vampires on Earth I would think we would know right of the back who they are.
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The defeats the purpose of you're point. Just saying, do you know how many wars are started because of religious beliefs? There are soooo many people how try to force you to believe in god and some others don't try but they say they believe in god. What I'm trying to say is that people let you know they believe in this higher being. But yes I do agree that if vampires were/are real then they would keep to themselves and live a secretive life. And witches are real.
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There is no such things as vampires it is just impossible and if there was don't you all think at least one would come out and say something so all you posers on here saying you are a vampire stop bc your lying its just impossible to believe in a fairy tale so my answer is vampires are just a made up story just to scare little kids
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Some times I wonder how I would feel to meet a vampire I don't know if I would be scared or if I would just be a bit shy.
If there is such thing as vampires some should try to be good I think it might be nice to meet a good vampire maybe it would be nice to have I life like Bellas from twilight!
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We don't shine in the sun and we're not scared of crosses or burn at garlic or for Twilight lovers our eyes don't change colour apart from practiced vampires could have a dark ring just outside the Iris (coloured part of your eye). Being a vampire isn't dangerous and sucking everyone's blood that you see. We can eat human food but we need blood to survive. The way I get this is there are some woods behind my house and I use animal blood to survive. Vampires are just another type of animal just like the human only we have developed from a mutated gene in our ancestors. Werewolves are real as well but the whole thing about vampires and werewolves hating each other is totally wrong. I have a few werewolf friends and we understand each other's needs. Before you ask werewolves and the full moon? That's wrong as well. If you've read this then thanks for reading it and if your researching vampires to understand them then good luck!
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My boyfriend is a vampire and I honestly didn't believe at first. I even told him he needed to see a counselor. He doesn't burn in sun, he doesn't mind garlic, he certainly doesn't sparkle. Also he doesn't drink a lot of blood. I give him blood when he starts to feel weak. I usually bite my lip to produce some. If you saw the way he reacts to getting blood, you'd believe it too.
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Well...if you categorize them as bloodthirsty, ageless creatures...then no. But there are people who were born with the ability to absorb energy.
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I'm only 13 and my eyes change colour from blue to green to grey to yellowy and to black and with brown around my iris not saying I am one I would like to be a half breed I like blood but also human food x

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