What Are Some Good Vampire Names?


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Larry, Curly, Moe, and Shemp. Those are the best ones out there so far.
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sherrie hunter
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Hey I know them too! They are neigbors to the ones I know! Small bloodsukin world huh?
Vesper, Leo, Quince, Aura, Bliss, Calamity, Crimson, Eclipse, Hail, Fate, Destiny, Eventide, Ivory, Jinx, Jezebel, Luna, Laila, Yara, Alexandre, Shinx... That's all i got right now, hope it's enough! :)
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sherrie hunter answered
Vitemeella, wannasukurblod, hellenbaka, soldasoul, helpmea, darkinblod, are some that I know of!
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Lisa Kinzey
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Jacquelyn Mathis
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Hilarious dear!!! Did you see that comment up there, hope not, my feelings are hurt, I was called a jerk. Lmao roff
sherrie hunter
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Hey Tigg, I thought yours were cool! And no you are not a jerk! Whats wrong with a little fun? Besides I couldn't resist! Plus because of this I have someone go and thumbs down me on some of my answers, maybe to get even?! Now whoever did that is a jerk! Off with their head!!!
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martha answered
Vladimir Fang the III
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Ann Dougherty answered
Byte (for a bloodthirsty computer geek) and Biterbit strike me as good ones. But there, I am not acquainted with any vampires either, so what do I know!
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Jim Curtz answered
Twilight, Max, Indiana, Superman, Batman, Flash!
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cheyenne Elliott
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Ha. Ha! You're hilarious! How witty! If i were you i'd stay serious and not act like a caniving little twelve year old girl!
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Sapphire Sopra answered
Edward is a good name for a vampire :D
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John answered
Bat mastersun,vamp r. Ela,dust e. Bones,spike e.vader,count jugula.
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nettie answered
To be honest don't know any vampire names because I know no vampire, and the close as I can come to a ghost is casper and the ghost that was with mrs muir......that is my story and I'm sticking to it
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cheyenne Elliott
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Mmm, Who knows a vampire? It's just for a book. And how wonderfully creative you've been!
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OH don't leave my girl tessa out, always fun with girl vampires smile....
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nettie answered
OK for fun I think forester , sylvester, abby, lula, mary sue, skeeter, della hope you can find some excitement in these....smile
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karissa castle answered
Mm-mm, i just know names off of shows and movies but you might like, Spike, Angel, Edward, Alice, Carile, Jasper, Emmet, Willow, i can't think of any more, srry
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe Profile
Edward Cullen
Uh...vampire bat! (I dunno.)
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cheyenne Elliott
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Wow! I'm not into "copying"! Use your imagination and make them modern. How about some last names. And no "truebloods" or "Bloodlock" either. I want names like, smith, jones or preston!
Ann Dougherty
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Not original, Nadene. We have all heard of those options before.
Onetwo Bucklemyshoe
I'm confuzzled. I thought we were naming vampires!
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brittany davis answered
I was thinkn mayb..... Angelita loveless, octavia, evangeline, shayla, rosalind blanchard, willow deadwood, sophia, and angeline. Those r jus a couple hope u enjoy them. Lol

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