Can Away One Tell Me Why Evolution Seems To Threaten Religion?


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It doesn't threaten religion, it only threatens the belief of those who hold to the thinking that only a strict, 1:1, LITERAL interpretation of the Bible can be had. Read: Fundamentalists.

Case in point, the Roman Catholic Church has an official position of acceptance in regard to the darwinian theory of evolution. The same can be said for basically every moderate sect of Christianity as well as almost every other major world religion.

Of course almost any form of science threatens fundamentalist beliefs considering that they also believe that the world is 6,000 years old, God stopped the sun from revolving around the earth, men used to live to 300 years of age, and that all 6.8 billion people on the planet came from a single pair of humans living only a few thousand years ago. All of these beliefs fly in the face of modern cosmology, geology, biology, and so on.
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See i am a Taoist and there really doesn't have a basis for which the world was created in my belief system. How ever my religious aunt is (and i can only guess)a 'fundamentalist', but she seems pretty intelligent. So i can only guess that she really believes that all the vitamins she takes and organic diets are, NOT, science?! I don't get it what's with these 'fundies'? As i have heard it before.
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In evolution people come from tiny organisms. And we evolve. In the bible we start out as man. It makes the first chapter of the bible untrue.
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Well your are close the science of "Abiogenesis" states the origins of life. Evolution refines that we are all decedent from a common ancestor.

BTW i am balancing out all the 'falsely disapproved answers on both sides if i have to log in 1000 times to do it i will there will be adult behavior on my questions and if they do not refrain from belief i will flag them down. This question is 320iguy's play ground not gods.

Sorry you got a bad rate from a creationist zealot Annalysa
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It is on fact that disproves the books Genesis, which sets up the Judeo-Christian belief system. Religion will always be threatened by science. The two can not coexist.
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It threatens the Abrahamic religions because it debunks Creationism, but not such as Buddhism
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Hey! 3201Guy how are ya? It really doesnt, Gods Word can stand by itself. God will have the final say no matter what we believe about it as to what is truth! Interesting tho when one gets saved and born of the Holy Spirit, Evolution goes out the window! And Creation is believed for the Spirit of Truth reveals it! 1Cor.2:14...John.16:13...No point in disputing or even being threatened by it because only God Himself can reveal such things, neither is He threatened by what man thinks, it is His desire and His responsibility to prove Himself and His Word! His Word can withstand the test of time!...Good question...Genaveve
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Please this is about the debate of E. Vs. C. Do not leave the religious propaganda. This isn't what this is about. Please read the question be fore you leave a impulsive answer...
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Anad by the way there is no evidence that evolution, disproves god, how ever it can be an explaination as to how clever he was. Not calling god lazy but, i mean starting with one thing and ending up with millions that's a cool thing. But i cn't see how there is poof all the species, that is howSir DArwin felt he wanted to know "how? " not why. The question of why is the wrong tool for scientific reasons it isn't biased it impliments an idea that can't be falsified....
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Dont be such a mean Micky Mouse!! I agree with you that there is no evidence that evolution disproves God! Even if evolution was the case I would still have to believe that there would have to be a greator intellence beyond my own small mind causing the wonder of it all to happen and to come into existance!..even you! Man is no small miracle in your existance!..Genaveve

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