Does Anyone Else Sense Dark Times Ahead?


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I would say yes, either mass chaos or mass conformity enforced from an overpowering universal government. We will either revolt from the troubles caused today from corrupted government, or we will conform to a menacing superpower that we cannot overturn. I don't think god will come from the heavens and destroy the Earth, but something will happen 30 years i am giving it, it takes a long time for things like this to boil over.
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Well, you know what you know. These are, without a doubt, dangerous times. Mainly because of Nukes. What can you and I do? Well, the world will not change because we quit reading all the horrible news, but you and I might be more relaxed. A really smart friend told me recently, Keep The Glass Half Full. I understood what he was telling me and have been using that concept. It works too.
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A lot of us that refuse to wear blinders, sweetie! You are feeling the same thing I'm feeling and so many of my friends on this site will tell you they feel, I'm sure. You are not alone.
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Judgement day IS coming- soon! It is prophesied in the Bible, and yet we are ignoring all the signs. It is time to repent and turn to God.
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No doubt about it, the poor are literally getting poorer, and the rich are getting kickbacks and multimillion dollar gifts from the bailouts that are supposed to be helping people, not the ceo's. We are in a recession, and it isn't getting better, and then the public assistance offices are so over flowing that in some cases, the funding has run out.
I really think they should track Obama's birth history, and take this to court to determine if he is American, or Kenyan, I believe the second, and for that, he is not an American, and can't be in office!!!!!!
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That last bit is both icredibly ignorant and racist.If you're going to make that kind of claim, at least do it with something at least a little substantial (if not also consequential), like his Muslim roots. But Kenya... Seriously? I hope everyone thumbs down this one, even if you don't like the president.
Jacquelyn Mathis
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It isn't racist at all, it's a matter of what country he was really born in, His mother was pregnant with him, she went to Kenya, and tried to make it back to the U.S. To have him here, but she didn't, and the place of birth is honolulu on the birth certificate, that many have said is true that it is forged. His place of birth has been questioned from day one.
That statement had nothing to do with race at all, so you should think about that which I wrote before you go jumping the gun!!!

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