Does Anyone Else Have Any Supernatural Powers?


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I have dreams abut thing s happening to me some time later in the future what i dreamt happens to me future dayzavo l also i some times get a cold feeling that some bad is going to happen to me one time a year and i get a meager Energy if dose not happen that year nothing happen that year
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I do some time out of the blue i can see something or like almost imagen it and it will happen like the next day or something but not like trying to lol
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My children and I will think exactly alike at the same time many times in a day. They know I am psychic, and won't mess with me about that, no lying to me. Lol I am what is known as a knower, I can tell you who died, when, where, how, sometimes, sometimes I can see them clear as a bell, and I really detest being in the emergency room. Too much to see there, it is never hard to know the living from those who are passed on, but, I just wish that sometimes, they would look a little better. Some do, but not all.
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It's probably all coincidence but last week I had dream that woke me up. There was a small fire ball arcing from the sky and in my dream my roof top was transparent. This ball of fire landed with a loud noise on the peak of my roof.

Two days later, I told my girlfriend about it. She informed me that she  heard a loud rumbling and had to phone 911 as she tried to put out the chimney fire. All was okay with her. After a dream like that and what she told me happened to her, I decided it was high time to clean out my chimney. Did it today !

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We each have these abilities. Some people are just more aware of it than others are. "You know who is calling you" is common ESP, but a lot of people do not connect the dots.
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Im with the first girl who answered. I will either have a no meaning dream about something that could really happen and it would happen in the next week or so.
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I dnt knw if u call mine a supernatural power but sometimes during the day or at night even when i wake up i get this weird feeling inside of me like somebody is warning me to be carefull then i knw something bad is gonna happen so i give all my friends and everybody close to me a warning and say they must b carefull if i ignore it a day or two after a person close to me gets hust or even die so i dnt knw hehe do you guys think its supernatural?

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