How Would YOU Describe A Witch?


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The scariest version is the one from Roald Dahl's "the Witches" They look like normal women except for

1)They always wear gloves to hide the curvy cat claws they have instead of fingernails.

2)Real witches are always bald as a boiled egg, but they hide it with first-class wigs. The wigs make their bare scalps itch, so watch for head-scratchers.

3)Witches have bigger nose-holes than ordinary folks, the better to sniff out little children with.

4)The pupils of a witch's eyes will keep changing color as you look into them. They'll switch from fire to ice and send a shiver up your spine.

5)Witches never have toes. Their feet have square ends.

6)Their spit is blue, like ink.

The most convincing and believable description if you were going to believe they were real don't you think?  When most people picture a witch, they think of the Wicked Witch from The Wizard of Oz, Green skin, hooked nose, pointed hat and white and black striped tights!
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I would describe a Witch as  ...

"Pointy hat features"


"Old big nose"

Hope that works for you


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