Have You Thanked The Lord Today For Anything?


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The previous answers cover it, as they should. After all, who else do we thank? As Christians our entire "new" lives are His, we are IN Christ. Therefore, it must follow that no matter the reason, we first thank Him. Thanking the Lord simply perpetuates in us the humble truth that He alone is to receive all the glory.
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I thank God daily for his love and mercy and His Son Jesus Christ
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I thank god all during the day
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No i have not thanked god today only
but i thank him everyday for every thing what he has given to me
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I have, I thank him constantly. The Word says to "Pray without ceasing" I thank him for everything big and small in my life for we are truly a blessed people. Thank you for asking, it reminds us and many others that he provides endless blessings. God Bless.
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Oh! Yes i thank him this morning for life and those things he showed up and got me out of.and all the good and wonderful things he stands for in my life.
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I thank the lord for waking me up this morning.  I also thank him for his mercy and grace.
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Yeah i thanked him for coming into my life and saving me from the drugs i use to use and he has been working in my life for 5-6 yrs!! Thanks for asking god bless you and loves you!!!

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