Is Santa Real Or Not?


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Yes he is..... You need to believe
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No. It's your parents, but St. Nicholas' spirit still lives on! :D
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Of course he must be! Who do you think puts you presents out? The great big pixie in the sky??
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Reilly Runnels
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No, no one thinks that. Everyone knows that your parents put the presents under the tree. Don't lie to kids. Its not OK.
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I still bolieve in him..he is real in ur heart and mind...dont believe others... Its what u think that counts.i do believe he is real.8)
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The Santa who drives a sleigh with flying reign deer, absolutely not!!!!!! However, there was a priest I believe, named Nicklous.
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Look santa is noy real. Its totally your perents!The only person i belive in is st.nicholas.He IS real.You should belive in him. And dont think that im crazy because i dont belive in santa!he is not real!

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