Is Santa Really Real? Just A Random Question.


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No. Santa isn't real. But he used to be! St. Nicholes was a very nice, careing man, that was very handy with toys. He loved children too.
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St. Nicholas was, then he died. But, now our parents tell us "Santa Claus" gives us gifts and stuff. But, no santa claus is not real. But, you still get presents.
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Everyone dont say no ur ruining it for the kids!!!!
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for me he is real because my dad and mom they just stay in the don't even go out to get presents

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Yeah! Wow i cant believe you even went there.
U just have to BELEIVE!
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Well yes yes yes because I saw him myself well not really but i'm sure i saw santa trust me please so no one really knows if santa is real or not but i say he's real
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No and yes. I dont think hes real but i told my parents that then no more presents for xmas. :)

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