Where Does Hate Come From?


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John answered
Misunderstanding.not thinking,jealousy.
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The Dragon answered
By using only one side of the brain when responding in every phenomena.
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walter jedyk answered
From the wrong side of anger
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Every form of hate, be it racism, sexism, terrorism or any other "isms" all come down to ignorance. Wrong perceptions, understandings and teachings that lead people to dehumanize their fellow man so that they may then do whatever they feel like doing to them and with some sort of justification (if even in their own minds). To fight hate we must fight ignorance
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Michelle Phy answered
Being judgemental or jealous. A lot of times not thinking of anyone elses point of view on things except your own as being right.
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Within our souls because we haven't learned it affects us more than the other person.
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Joan answered
Infants are not born hating.  Hate comes with age which leads me to believe that hate is a learned emotion.  Children see/hear their parents and/or their peers expressing a negative view toward other people or situations.  When a child sees or hears  a person they love and respect being negative they believe it is right and acceptable.  Hate is born in this manner.

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