What's Important In Your Life?


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Sidwyn Koh Profile
Sidwyn Koh answered
Friends and family.

The people whom I love most.
sonyaluvu special blurter Profile
My family is my main importance in my life.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered
Both my family, and friends.
Jeannie Profile
Jeannie answered
Hi Keith,

There are a number of things that are important in my life. Family and friends come first. Taking time out to enjoy life I think is needed, but certainly the working portion can't be neglected either.

yarnlady Profile
yarnlady answered
Family first, and good health second.
Gabbi Profile
Gabbi answered
I thought not even two weeks ago I knew what was important in my life.  Reality set in and I've realized that what was important to me was just and addiction per say.  He was all I could think about.  That slap in the face by reality hurt but I needed it to get me back on track to whats most important.  God and my family.  So im picking my self up, focusing on those two things and everything else in time, will fall into place.

(: Gabi :)
Amanda Appreku Profile
Amanda Appreku answered
My family. Biggest one I have ever seen in fact but I love them all the same. Do you know that I haven't even met some of them? The fact that I breathe and the fact that those closest to me stay healthy. Sorry that I didn't put this first but God is the first on the list.
Audrey Smith Profile
Audrey Smith answered
Keeping my ground and believing in myself because there will be no other person who is me.Religion. Friends.My kittens.

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