Where Did Leprechauns Come From?


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The land of my father.Ireland.He claims to have seen Them,but curiously,only after a bottle of the Irish whiskey.???
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Michael Crazedpsyc
Ah, that must be because of their love for good'ol whiskey, leprechauns can't get enough of it!
Mary Ann Cassidy
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Things were rough in Ireland, so they came up with folklore to cheer themselves up.
Ilina commented
The Mayans must have been drunk during the prediction of 2012
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I don't believe in leprechauns, but they're funny folklore. They're supposed to be short red-haired Irish elves who know of treasure, and if you look them in the eye they must do what you say. I say it's the best way to get rich, if you lived in a fantasy world! :)
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My garden. Shhh
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They jumped ship in Liverpool England after their voyage from Darwin Australia where they had stowed away on a tramp steamer. They eventually migrated to Ireland where they live today.
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How do you know?
The Instigator
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Because me uncle Paddy jumped ship with the wee folk. He sued the city of Dublin once for building the sidewalks too close to his dairyaire.
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Leprechauns are the descendants of a space crew that was stranded in the place we call Ireland, long before humans evolved on this planet.
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The Lucky Charms Box?? Don't They Come From The Green Isle.?.They Are Short Red Haired  Naughty Short Folks.. Who Apparently Have Pots Of Gold... They're Alwweeeys After Me Lucky Charms..  They Are Supposed To Be Either Good Or Bad Luck.. I'm Not Sure.. Do They Consume Mass Quantities Of Irish Whiskey?..
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Well......it's like this. A mother and father leprechaun fall in love and mate (ask your mother about mating). 9 month later, a wee leprechaun is born. That's where they come from.

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Ireland of course. That's why they are irish & they are as mean as mean as mean can be. Never take his pot of gold. You won't live long enough to return it.  A lep will use every trick in the book to get his gold back.

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