Where Did Medusa Come From?


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Medusa was actually imported into Greece from Libya where she was
worshipped by the Libyan Amazons as their Serpent-Goddess. Medusa (Metis) was
the destroyer aspect of the Great Triple Goddess also called Neith, Anath,
Athene  or Ath-enna in North Africa and Athana in 1400 c. BC
Minoan Crete.
Medusa was originally an aspect of the goddess Athene from Libya where
she was the Serpent-Goddess of the Libyan Amazons. In her images, her
hair sometimes resembles dread locks, showing her origins in Africa.
There she had a hidden, dangerous face. It was inscribed that no one
could possibly lift her veil, and that to look upon her face was to
glimpse ones own death as she saw your future.

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