Is Anyone Else Being Woken Up At 3am To Pray?


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Are you finding yourself being awakened at 03:00 to pray? You are not alone.
A call to prayer comes in many forms. In this case, we do not mean a literal call such as by a Muslim muezzin, or even from Christian church bells. Certainly these are calls, and you may follow them as you wish, but they are meant for anyone in hearing distance. We assume this is not happening to you at 03:00.

Your call is a more personal one. It could be coming from a worry or perhaps from some higher source.

Worries come in many varieties: Personal, professional, financial, health, family, even spiritual. They fill our days and invade our nights, disturbing our sleep and sneaking into our dreams. You might find yourself dreaming about the very things that torment you during the day, tossing fitfully and waking in a sweat, heart pounding as you work to recall just what happened that made you feel this way. If you find prayer a comfort, then it is natural that you would turn to prayer in these wretched wakeful moments to soothe your soul and lead you back to rest.

This is even truer if your trouble is spiritual in nature. How better to solve a spiritual problem than with spiritual reflection?

Perhaps, though, you are free of worries but being awakened anyway. You are resting peacefully, slumbering deeply, dreaming away … and then sitting up straight, wide awake, with a feeling you cannot shake.

In the Christian Bible, Samuel runs to Eli in the night, believing that is who is calling him. It is not until this happens a third time that Eli realizes God is calling the boy and he advises Samuel, if this should happen again, say, "Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.”

If you are feeling these calls, open your heart and declare yourself willing to listen and be led. Your Lord will let you know what to do next.
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I don't have the details, but I was told by a very strong Christian prayer warrior that there is significance in praying at 3:00 a.m. I believe it has something to do with the healing hour. I VERY frequently am awake at 3:00 with a strong urge to pray. I pray in the Spirit for our country, my pastor, my friends, my healing... The urge/burden is too strong to resist. 4:00 a.m. Sometimes is a strong prayer hour for me as well. But it's a more peaceful prayer time. It's like a time to pray for peace and comfort and wisdom, and counsel for many people.

I DO believe that God wakes us at strategic times, to pray for specific needs. Only He can let You know how He wants You to pray, and why that time is significant. Instead of asking strangers online, I highly recommend that you turn to your pastors and spiritual leaders who personally know you. Think about the people in your life, and their needs. And go from their. Just start praying, and don't stop until the burden/strong desire lifts. That heavy burden to pray is how you know it's God who is urging you to pray. I do not believe in coincidences. I do believe in seeking the right directions, from the right sources. The Bible says to ask for wisdom and He will freely give it. Ask, Seek, Knock, and don't stop. You'll find yourself living with a deeper level of understanding and wisdom than you've had before. And I personally ask Him to actually show me what He is doing in me, and around me, and to open my eyes and ears to see and hear Him, and only Him.

God bless. Enjoy the journey. It's an incredible path. And the results are amazing =)
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The historical significance of 3am is that it is the inverse of when Jesus died on the cross. Jesus died at 3pm (I lost my reference for this but I'm sure it can be found online). Since there is duality: Good vs. Evil, dark & light, etc., then the devil is the inverse of Christ. Thus why 3am is called "the witching hour". According to pagan rituals, since the Son of God died at 3am, then the devil and his minions have their highest supernatural power at 3am.

And remember for the person above who was having episodes of supposed sleep paralysis, the devil or any demon can come in any shape or form that they choose to present themselves in. It's not like Hollywood. The devil is a deceiver. They could come as a loved one that has passed away because obviously you would be less inclined to believe it is evil and not your loved one...thereby tricking you. However, if they are an Angel of the Lord, then they always declare themselves as being an Angel of God (remember Lucifer was and is the most powerful angel that God created) first before they say anything else. In the book of Job, when the angel Gabriel appeared to Job, he declared that he was an Angel of God. Similarly, when Gabriel appeared before Mary during the Annunciation, he declared himself an Angel of God.

I have had numerous experiences of being sound asleep to only be awoken by a hand pulling my hand. Just at that precise moment when I open my eyes, the clock on the Comcast cable box changes from 2:59am to 3am. I told my mother about this and she said she has had this happen to her as well a couple of times. I'm a certified nurse anesthetist, obtained several degrees, so I have a very good understanding of the human body, but this is definitely unexplainable.

I know that the rapid acceleration of our societies morals have been on a declivity for decades now. There are numerous end time prophecies that are arguably coming to fruition, so as aforementioned, this really could be a watch hour for those who God may keep close to him. I'm reserved with telling people about religion/spiritualism, so for me to speak of this is uncommon. I've had three near death experiences (car wreck at 18, heart stopped once at 25, and I had a minor brain hemorrhage at 28) . I don't necessarily believe I have a "purpose" here, but I do, I include in my prayers for "Jesus to make me an instrument of his peace here on Earth and that I surrender my will over to the Lord so that His will be done." Occasionally, when I was in my teenage years, and even sometimes today, while saying the "Our Father/Lords Prayer"  it feels as if a metaphysical hand is placed or is just floating above my right shoulder. At first it was quite disturbing since I'm also a man of science and reason and have a penchant for being able to provide a logical explanation of why things are happening, but for this instance, I am completely lost for words and just accept the experience for what it is without judging it.

After reading the above comments, I felt it would be conducive to the thread for me to share my experience as well. I only hope these are "good" experiences that are happening to us.
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You sound like the apostle Paul in the bible.he had all the smarts and acquired knowledge to man,but God. Had another plan. I think you should become a believer. Get serious with God. Its very simple not hard at all. If you don't want to physically go to church go online to creflodollarministries, kennethgloriacopeland, Bill they speak truth and the word of God and they make it simple to receive. Not by might nor by power but by my spirit says the lord .
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I have had the same exact experiences that you have had and can't explain any of them! The hand pulling at my hand at 3am...I got rid of all alarm clocks because when I wake up from sleeping, I already know what time it is and it frightens me. I've also had 3 near death experiences that I don't know how I lived was a car accident (off a bridge) the first was when I was a baby...I climbed out of the crib and cracked my head...took a chip out of my skull...I had a bad seizure from it, but no brain damage. But EVERYTHING you've experienced...I have there has to be something to it. I just had to write back :)
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An intercessory prayer, one that you are woken up at 3am and it is for you to pray over something. Just start to pray, and God wil lead you to the area that requires your attention.

How you pray:
You ask for forgiveness for your sins.
You thank God for the blessings in your life.
Ask God why He woke you up at 3am to talk to Him.
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I may be the "craziest" one here, but yes 3am-4am prayer followed by speaking in tongues most of the time. One of my nephews has joined me with also being awaken at that time. I have also dedicated "my" time of tv watching to pray and random kneeling in my room and even in the garage to be away from the family for a little while. I do sometimes feel a sense of being larger than myself while in that AM time prayer. I was also visited by an angel when I was about 10 years old and God used him to heal me from a throat infection at about that AM time. God works in mysterious ways....
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Only one time was I woken up to pray for a friend, but it wasn't at 3am. I did pray for this friend and found out the next day she had almost gotten mugged while taking out her trash to the dumpster. Something hit her on her head and she turned around to see what it was. The perpetrator looked at her, turned around, and ran away...I would say that the Lord and His angels were definitely watching over her and giving her protection.
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Yes!  I've been waking up to pray at 3AM for several years!  I believe it is very significant for our times.  Personally this time has been my closest moments with the Lord! So, if the Lord is nudging you to awaken; do will prove a blessing for you!
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I have been awoke a least 150 times at night by something in my room . Most of the time it is harmless but on several occasions it has phyiscally attacked me. However, every time I rebuke it in the nname of jesus Christ it always flees. I am a Christian and I beleive that their is spiritual warefare. Regarless of how hedious they are they are unable to cope with the name of jesus Christ and they always flee. I know God has protected me. He said in the bible that Jesus is the name above all names and judging by their reaction and when I ask God to send them to hell they are gone real quick. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that The bible is true
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I am so glad I found this conversation. For a few months now I've been waking up at around 0315 and 0330 and it was driving me bonkers. I had one Christian friend speak of this prayer time, but could not remember this significance. I know it's not my internal clock or something like that (I am too tired for this to be normal ;-). I do know that if I am too tired, that I just pray in the Spirit and most of the times I fall asleep. Tonight it was so strong that I had to do some searching. Now I know that I need to awaken in faith and pray. I have also felt a tugging, or touching or 'something'. I am in the process of doing a spiritual house cleaning too.. Thank you for this post everyone!!
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Yes I was a single parent of 3 children when I became engaged and planned to marry a man I had dated for 2yrs, I got pregnant 6wks prior to our wedding and he seemed very excited because he wanted children. Well 2 wks prior to the wedding he called off the wedding, broke up with me and changed churches. The entire 9mo I was pregnant I woke every single morning at exactly 3am with an overwhelming feeling to pray for him. This was 8 yrs ago. He was there the nite our son was born, but we never had a relationship again after that and then when the baby was 3mo old a good friend from my childhood I started dating and we were married when the child was 1 1/2yrs old and his biological father signed over rights and allowed my husband to adopt him. I have never been happier in my entire life.....God does work in mysterious ways!!
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Mine is somewhat different from intentional prayers at 3am.  For a couple years now, I've experienced being woken up around 3 AM.  My most recent was a week or two ago with someone holding my waist. When I woke up, I knew what was happening, something called sleep paralysis or something/someone visiting me.  Although this spirit didn't feel violent at all I've experienced both.  A month or so ago, I was woken up by foot steps and someone holding me down.  From pass experiences I know now to pray. I say our lords prayer and ask Jesus to rescue me from this horrific "nightmare".  I know what I see and hear and am POSITIVE it is real.  The first time I've ever been woken up at 3 am was when I was a teenager.  I woke up, unable to move, thinking it was a dream, with some demonic figure holding me down.  I tried to yell and move but no luck.  I had no idea about prayers or even believed in religion at the time.  This has happened to me an excessive amount of times RANDOMLY.  I'm not proposing it is the same person/thing but I do believe something/someone or psychological events are happening.  Lastly, I've experienced, I'm assuming, a visit from an angel.  Believe me or not, but when I was woken up a figure very bright and illuminating was sitting, watching me.  Instead of being petrified from horror it was more nice.  I closed my eyes and tried to prolong the moment for as long as possible.  When I asked for it to stop. It stop almost immediately.  Now, the question might arise why I'm telling you a story of paranormal, religious, or psychological experiences with me. It's because I need some questions answered.  What is the significance of 3 A.M.? Why do I experience these things?  I am very religious and do believe Jesus has died for our sins.  Through my experience Jesus is the reason I do not care for these types of things.  Does anyone have a scientific or psychological explanation for this?  Has anyone experienced this continuously?  Answers please. Finally, should I talk to a priest?
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I'm not sure if anyone has answered you but don't be afraid,they sense fear. You must call on the name of Jesus and get some oil and pray use it as a means to represent Gods blood and anointed your doors windows yourself. Listen to creflo dollar, bill Winston, Kenneth and Gloria homeland. Google these people they will help you understand the power in the name of Jesus. And if you have receive Jesus in your heart these things should not be able to come near you.
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This is giving me goose bumps right now reading these entries.  I was raised in a very spiritual Catholic family and my mom is a wonderful prayerful spiritual person.  I, however have not always believed in the spiritual things in life, I believed in God but I also believed in coincidences.  Recently I have been being more spiritual and praying more often and have started going to church regularly.  This was a couple of months ago.  Around the same time I started having strange dreams.  I would awake in the middle of the night after having strange alarming dreams, but I would never remember what I had been dreaming about.  I began noticing that every night when I was waking up it was 3:01 A.M.  This began freaking me out because it was happening more and more frequently.  I would awake from a dead sleep and be wide awake at 3 A.M.  Last night, I awoke and was laying in bed.  As I was laying there in the dark my small portable alarm clock fell off of my bed where I keep it, bounced off of my shoulder, and fell to the ground.  I was so startled that I couldnt even pick it up so I sat in the dark for about 10 seconds.  When I finally worked up the nerve to pick it up and look at it it was 3 A.M.  I put the clock back on the bed where I keep it and started praying our fathers because I was freaked out.  As I was praying the clock fell off of the bed a second time.  I was so struck by this happening that I had to do a google search tonight to find out what the significance was of waking up at 3 am and now I think that maybe this is Gods way of communicating with me.  I always pray that God will help guide my decisions and speak to me, tell me what my purpose in life is and help me make the right choices.  Maybe this is what is happening to me.
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I awake at 3am.....and it is usually a Christian revelation ....a dream.  Then as I lay there and pray, it is all clear and God reveals things that I would tend to ignore.  3am?  It is not as important as much as how and when but "what" he reveals.  It is from God, IF it is in his will, and gives a clear concise view of his mesage.  He does not want us wandering around in "gray" areas in life.  So as to 3am....when we go to heaven, God will answer all our questions then.  Right now, he would have us listen, learn and grow  and Do his will.  Love, caring, sharing, helping.
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It is referred to in the Bible as Keeping Watch and the 4th watch is from 3 am to 6 am. It was established times for guard changes and keeping watch. Jesus told his disciples to keep watch with him when he prayed in the garden and the failed. See my experience here: this perspective gives you some insight and is helpful

Wayne Gaines
M300 Ministries
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Yes, I am awake every night  at 3 am or just before. I am searching for the reason this is happening to me. My husband thinks I am crazy, but it happens and has happened for several years. Does anyone have a logical or Biblical reason for this?
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I am a Muslim and I do believe in it. This time is when God listens to you from very near. We ask and pray for so many things from God but at 1/3 of the night time, God says to His people that is there anyone who wants forgiveness, is there anyone who wants health, is there anyone who wants more earning etc. The name of this prayer is "Tahajjud"
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What a great comfort it must be to know this time... I wonder what would happen if all people would wake at a certain hour to pray in ernest for the world--individually yet somehow joined... Personally, I believe strongly in the power of prayer--though it may look and be called differently by many people, I believe in the power of supplication. Faith is an incredible thing. Thank you for sharing this.
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At my age .. Sometimes that happens ..

Oh wait .. You say 'pray' ... I thought you said 'pee' ... My bad.

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As strange as it seems, I thought I heard my name whispered. Which woke me up, at 3am. I didn't feel afraid, just a need to pray.
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I have been woken up very many times at three to pray. I'm going through it now. This is the second time It's happening. The first time was about two years ago.
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If I wake up at that time,I try to pray,but usually I'm too sleepy and can't concentrate.I usually pray when I wake up and just before I go to bed.One time I was at a sleepover at my friend Hayleys house,and they thought I was asleep but I was actually praying,and they said I looked very peaceful.Then they were having a sinful conversation,and God gave me the courage to confront them,which I could never normally have done.Another time I was praying the rosary in bed late at night,and I could feel Gods presence.
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I just happened to have "Googled" about being wakened at 3am, I was hoping I was not the only one! I am the only one in my family (family of six) who wakes up at 3am. It is a weird feeling as I see the clock each time reading 3:00 am ...granted, this does not happen every single night but it does come in spurts. I do pray during this time and go back to sleep shortly thereafter. I am glad I am not the only one. Take care and God blessings!

Mrs. P. J. Ledbetter
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My alarm clock on my phone keeps randomly going off at or near 3am. Yea, it's definitely a time God is using to pray and intercede for my loved ones!
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I woke up for many years of my life, just before 3 am! I lived in fear in South Africa, for 9 years and never had a nights peaceful sleep - needless to say, we made it out alive and well.
I used to pray at 3. It obviously worked as so many of your neighbors and people we knew were attacked in their homes, we were not! Prayer does definately work at this hour.
Another thing is I had a severe asthma attack and was blue all over,not breathing and was definately seconds away from death when I got to the hospital - this happened at
Do you know that at 3am, one's immune system is at the lowest and most vulnerable? THis is a fact.
Anyway, I agree with the muslim comment above, it is the best and closest time for God to hear you and for you to feel he is with you - you can feel Him with you then.
Say your prayers then, or just be close to Him.

My Mom has awaken at 3 am frequently throughout the years and has very odd dreams. I have always had very odd dreams as well and always seem to get "deja vu" about the littlest and not important things. My weird dreams and sometimes scary dreams would happen in clusters right before something bad happens (my biological father is always in and out of jail, etc.) 

Well, lately I have become like my mother and awake every night around 3 am after a "dream." A couple of months ago, I had a terrible 'dream' about what I think was a demon. I was at a bible study in my dream and this woman with red hair (which I think is a acquaintance of mine) started talking about evil and I got up and started to choke her while saying, "Jesus is real, I believe in Jesus." And then I awoke with my neck and throat hurting and choked up. 

Ever since then I awake every night around 3-4 am and try to fall back asleep with my Pandora Christian Radio. Last night I awoke after another bad dream that I was walking into what I think was a Church Service and as I opened the doors to the Church, the scariest dark haired man was in the doorway and made the scariest face and I screamed then awoke. I then felt the need to pray last night and I now know thats what I need to do at 3 am.

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