Does being a christian make me oblivious to all wrong things in the world?


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No it should make u more aware of certain things in fact
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Tell you the truth NO. But you should set an example and try not to sin.
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The bible is a book, a book that should be read to comfort. If it is not done in the bible because they said it was a sin this does not mean a sin today. Was the F world around during bible times? No but it is a sin to swear. So who said the F word is a swear, the church? So the church can call people morons and idiots but not f'ers.

Most people that do sin are not violent or evil and abide by laws and i see people that sin everyday but I'm not Christian, so to answer you question, No.
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savannah seymour
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Not quite what i meant. People think i dont know what unmarital sex and drugs are bt thats not true. Are there loads of other bad things in the world that i dont know because i am a christian?
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When you become a christian, you are still thinking the same way and see things the same way. Slowly, you start to notice things as being not quite right. In fact, wrong. God never overwhelms you of what is wrong. He works with you slowly and gives you time to adjust. That is why you see Christians still doing wrong, because they haven't learned everything all at once. Little by litte changes.
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savannah seymour
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Thanks. Sometimes being a christain is hard. I will thank god for you when i pray tonight. You helped me alot.

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