If you had 3 wishes, what would you wish for?


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Arthur Wright Profile
Arthur Wright answered
1. For the kids to have a world free of disease and abuse, to have a awesome family to grow up with, 2. To give the kids a promising tomorrow, and 3. For animals to live peacefully and without being endangered by man.  I guess I would have a enormous one, the perfect world
Shanon Collins Profile
Shanon Collins answered
1.) 1 Quadrillion dollars- It's a sad fact, but money makes the world go round and if you have the money, you can change it.
2.) The ability to control 3 elements of my choice- I'd more than likely pick fire, water and air.
3.) The ability to heal people- I'm not saying I could reattach heads or regrow limbs, but the ability to ease suffering, and cure small stuff would be enough.
angie sophia agan Profile
I wish for peace and contentment...
Taylor Brookes Profile
Taylor Brookes answered

I would wish...

1. For money - it's sad, but money is really important. And anyway, if I had money, I could donate loads of it to helping others.

2. That magic was real and that I had magical powers, including being able to turn into a mermaid.

3. For more wishes! (and if that's 'against the rules', then I'd wish for more genies!)

Joe B. Profile
Joe B. answered
To be with my love right now and forever.
To have enough money for us, our families and friends, and countless others in need.
And for everyone to have the same.
Those are my three wishes.
Thomas Rohrer Profile
Thomas Rohrer answered
1. I'd wish for a tiny motorcycle helmet.
2. I'd wish for a tiny motorcycle, ready to go.
3. I'd wish that bear was gay.
Richard Scott Profile
Richard Scott answered
1. Be a Millionaire
2. Be with the love of my life
3. Better luck
Danny Hamilton Profile
Danny Hamilton answered
A man walking on a beach who was in the middle of a divorce, she had taken his home, his car, his 3 children, his retirement, his everything.  This man stumbled across a lamp walking on the beach where he was offered three wishes.  The genuine explained that cause of his situation, to keep him from selfish wishes everything he asked for his soon to be x wife would get double.  After a lot of though this man said his first wish was to be a billionaire, he was then worth over a billion dollars and his wife was a multi-billionaire, then he asked for a brand new beautiful home, his was perfect and the wife was given one twice the size, he then found a large stick on the beach that he then gave to the genie and said i wish for you to beat me half to death with this stick.
Zeke Zepplin Profile
Zeke Zepplin answered
1 Get a Lamborghini 
2 Get the best girl friend and never get dumped by her
3 Get the Best guitars for me ( i already have 6  but i really like a guitar that costs to much bec its a signed one from guns and roses that's what want.
Anonymous Profile
Anonymous answered

1. To be immortal.

2. To be invincible.

3. To have the power create anything I can think of.

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