If God Sends An Angel To You Who Asks For Your Three Wishes That You Want To Fulfill Badly, Then What Would Be Those Wishes?


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Jacquelyn Mathis Profile
I think I would have to ask that the Earth itself be healed, that the sick be made well, (especially children), and that there would literally be world peace. Because, if there is no anger in the world, then there will be care and concern for one another, and we would all come together to help one another, without prejudices.
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Anonymous answered
That everyone living AND dead would be in heaven at this moment forever.
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libby sirekis answered
For a cure for cancer, for there to be never a war again anywhere in the would, and for global warming to stop
Pat Merrifield Profile
Pat Merrifield answered
1. World peace.
2. That the atom bomb did not exist, or the concept discovered.
3. Prejudice of any kind would be eliminated from society.
Aleisha Amohia Profile
Aleisha Amohia answered

  1. for everyone to be conservation-wise so they help save our planet

  2. for glabal warming to stop

  3. for all my close friends and family to live a healthy and happy life

lotsa luv,
aleisha or in other words supahstah
lover boy Profile
lover boy answered

  1. Have my father back so I wouldn't have to rely on my school pastoral  carer
  2. Have a girlfriend who I can keep no matter my flaws
  3. Live a ful and happy life (I can't ever forgot my one nightmare of my death)

Rath Keale Profile
Rath Keale answered

1. For all aspects of organized religion be removed from the planet. And, all churches, mosques, temples, and other places of worship to become centers for the development of business run by local women.

2. For international, cooperative research into the development of oil and gas-free machines.

3. For the United Nations to have more influence internationally 

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If an angel were to grant me 3 wishes, I would want people to:
1. Live...as though each day were their last and make it the best day it can possibly be.
2. Love...each other as God loves us...unconditionally and with the utmost respect for each others differences, as well as similarities.
3. Laugh...as often as possible, because it is the best medicine for every life situation...life is just too short not to find some humour or goodness, even through the toughest hardships.
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Joyce Hall answered

Hmmm... Only 3? Can I ask for 3 more wishes?

I would ask for my husbands health (5 heart attacks)

I would want my special needs daughter to b completely normal

And a nice big truck.

Michael Poland Profile
Michael Poland answered

For you to believe in your selves.

And not give your power away to someone

who is tax exempt. Who has been lying to you

for decades just for your money.

beth johnstone Profile
beth johnstone answered

        • let pigs have the power to fly...ooooooohh

        • to meet the lepricorn at the end of the rainbow...ooooooohh

        • and let all living creachers have the pleasuse of being able to lick there elbo...ooooohh


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