If God Granted You 3 Wishes, What Would You Ask For?


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Well, if God granted me 3 wishes, I'd ask for the following things:

  • Enough grains and livestock to feed the world forever
  • That every child on earth would have a loving mother and father
  • To spend a week with my mom who passed away a few years ago
What would you ask for if you had 3 wishes?

This is a question that people often ask themselves, and I certainly remember wishing I had a magic genie lamp when I was younger.

But if I had the opportunity to meet God and ask him for 3 things, I'd probably have to ask for things that would really benefit the world as a whole.

I'm sure it's tempting to ask for things like wealth and riches, but I'd like to think I'd be a bit more mature and thoughtful about my wishes.

Asking for three wishes from God The first of my wishes would be to have enough grains and livestock to feed the world. We all know how many people are forced to go hungry because of the shortage of food.

If I had enough grain supplies and livestock, the people of the world would be able to farm the crops and raise the animals to be an ever-lasting food supply.

My second wish would be to make sure that every child grew up with a loving mother and father.

It makes me so sad to think that there are children out there who lose their mother and father at a young age - and I would love to be able to give those children their parents back.

My final wish would be to spend a week with my deceased mom.

There are so many things I had wished I had said and done with her, and whilst no amount of time would ever be enough - I would love to just spend a week with her and enjoy her company and cuddles once last time.

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I would ask God if he could, to:

  1. Let me win the powerball or mega millions jackpot,
  2. To grant me wisdom so I could help others and serve God,
  3. To have each and every family member and friend including myself become physically fit and spiritually enriched
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I would ask for:

1.  Hope without measure

2.  Grace without measure

3.  Godly desire without measure

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My wish is that our own family should not be broken apart.

In return I would do my best to do finish assignments, do the best and love one another and Christ. I want to love my famiy as God loves us.

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1. To be reunited with my former girlfriend, and be more in love and devoted to each other than we were before.

2. For us to move in together, get engaged and get married so that we may live a long, happy and blissful life together.

3. To have the teaching/coaching job I dream of. That way, I can fully enjoy the work I do and the financial security to take care of myself and my (I pray future) bride.

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Unshakable faith

Undying love.

Unparalleled wisdom.

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