Should kids be able to choose their own religion or Should they have no choice and follow the religion of their parents?


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They should follow their parents instruction until they are old enough to be called independent, at which point they can gladly pick and choose as they wish.
I was raises Catholic by the entire family. Not just my mother, in fact my mother told me to think for myself...... So it was an odd childhood in some regards...... But rest assured, I have chosen my own beliefs since the age of about 14
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I believe kids, well when theyre older or at least aware of that religion to choose what religion they wish to follow.
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I say that kids should have freedom of religion
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They should follow their parents religion.  When they get old enough to make sound decisions then they can choose thie own.
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It's better they follow their parents religion because if they choose their religion they will be misguided by wrong people
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This should be left totally up to the parents as what do kids know about religion at all, so best choose for them
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I ask this because i was raised to be a very devoted christian. However as the years flew by and I moved from church to church I find christians to be some of the most hypocritical. Christians are supposed to welcome all and not judge anybody by appearance. Heres an example: Whenever we have new guests come to our church These "so Called" Christians are the first to make negative comments and give dirty looks. I have been so "turned off" by these people im thinking of changing religions.
Arthur Wright
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Well thats your choice once youre 18 but under the parents roof, kids do as they are told
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I disagree I'm a teenager n I have a totally different religion than my parents I'm actually undecided right now...but I think it should be up to the kid if they decide they wanna change religions after all it's there life not their parents...
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I think  u should let the kids chose there own religon cuz if u dont they will hate u for it later on in life

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