What Is The Purpose Of A Human Being's Life?


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Whenever we sit alone a question came into our mind that why we are here?
What is the purpose of our life? Why someone die or born or why God created all of us and what is the purpose of this whole universe. But no one get the answer.
We are the messengers of God and He created us as His messengers.
The purpose of human life is to live happy and enjoy all necessities given by God in the right way. Yes that's the purpose of life and you can say a challenge too that you have to choose the way how to spend your life. You can lead it is a simple way by helping others, by obeying the rules which God made for us. Or you can disobey all the rules just to think about yourself, about your happiness, your sorrow and no one mean to you.
God gave all of us the sense to think to make difference between good and bad, so you have to prove that in which way you are using your abilities.
It's up to you how you can flourish yourself and prove that you are a human being the most important creature of God.
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One answer that was given to us when we were children is: To know God, love God and serve God. If you do that, pretty much everything around falls into place.
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Here I count an example, live like a candle which burn it self but Gives light to others

Human life is just like a very wide battle field and everyone has to play the role of a solider it is like temporary camp of soldiers. We should not spend our life like dumb driven cattle. We should live the life of a hero and leave a good example of bravery for others to follow. Hopeful about our future, however pleasant it may turn out to be. We should not look back at our dead and useless past. What matters is our present life and present time. If we want to become a successful person, we should still achieving, still pursuing, learn to labour and to wait we should go on pursuing and achieving our goals. We should learn to work and wait for positive results.

Lose heart over whatever we have suffered during our lives. The outcome of our struggle will, of course, not be visible immediately. It will take time. So we should learn to work whole-heartedly and wait patiently for positive result .

The Human life purpose if we want to become a successful person, we should work hard with sincerity and devotion in the living present.
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People have a diversity of opinions about the purpose of a human being's life. Some will say that human beings were created to regenerate their own kind; some may say that human beings were created to develop the resources on earth given by God Almighty and some may say that the purpose of human beings is to help, corporate and comfort their fellow beings.
The actual purpose of a human being's life is to follow the actual path narrated by God Almighty. God created universe for a special purpose and human beings is the best and top most creation of God, who wanted to make human beings worship him, follow the right path narrated by Him, help the fellow beings and prove themselves the best. For guiding human beings to live rightly, many messengers and prophets were sent on earth. So we can simply say the purpose of a human being's life is to act and behave according to the will of his creator, God Almighty.
We are created by God in a special way and to make an impact in life before you and we have two kind of impact, it can be in the negative way or the positive way and remember , making an impact in the negative will record a negative information about you. you have to live every day as if you are dying the next minute. and always be focus.It is very important for every one to have a vision and understanding in life.The purpose for every human being life is to make an impact in a positive way.
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Everything – a horse, a vine – is created for some duty…For what task, then, were you yourself created? A man’s (or woman’s) true delight is to do the things he was made for.” –Marcus Aureliust

‘What is the purpose of life?’ is that BIG question that send us all in a tizzy. We think it’s a profound question but really it’s a simple one. It’s as simple as ‘What is the purpose of a hammer?’ Well, the purpose of a hammer is to bang a nail. We can do other things with it, but the fundamental purpose of a hammer is to bang a nail.

Our creator would not make such an important understanding as mysterious as history has made the question: What is the purpose of life? The answer to this question must be simple and easily understood by all. It is not and should not be a cosmic mystery only to be understood by the ‘enlightened.’ I can’t imagine the creator saying, “I have created you to go to Earth to do something. I won’t tell you what and I wont tell you how.”

Our attempts at answering this seemingly perplexing question often result in profound statements such as to serve God, to glorify God, to love, to be happy, to find meaning and a host of other statements that might sound good but still leaves you without the answer. Actually, it may leave you with another question, how? How do we glorify God? How do we love? How do we find happiness? How do I find meaning in life?

Well, here it is as echoed by many writers and thinkers who have taken the time to see what has been right before their noses. The fundamental purpose of the human life is to serve each other. It is all we have ever done and all we will ever do. Understanding of this truth is not required. We have no choice in this matter because to live is to serve. Service is a duty that is not optional. Here is the beautiful thing; when we serve each other, we serve God. When we serve each other, we find happiness. When we serve each other, we love. When we serve each other, we find meaning.

So here is the question that serves (pardon the pun) as our life’s quest: How do I serve? That is the BIGGER question and the intention of asking the question “What is the purpose of life?” In other words, “What are the unique gifts, talents, and abilities with which I was born to serve mankind? Only you can answer that one. You may get guidance from others (their service to you), but the answers are within you.
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When we're asking what is the purpose of life, we more referring more to the spiritual world rather than the physical. It is common knowledge that mankind and animals live to reproduce and died out near the end of their lives. However, no knows the answer to the purpose of life after death. That is why we needed a purpose in life because we do not know what lies in the end of the road. Our goals and dreams such as wealth, success, marriage, children, etc. Are all in the physical world. But those goals and dreams all have a purpose and an ending. Imagine if you accomplish all those goals and at the end of your life, you still have the same question, "What is the purpose of life?" Many religions provide reasons and purposes to live. Christianity provides God's love and Jesus sacrifice to mankind so that they stay away from sins and may have eternal life after death. Buddhism and Hinduisms believe incarnation that if you do good in your previous or current life, your next life will be more fortunate. But then, no one has the answers because only the dead knows it. Therefore, those religions provide an idea of what will happen after death. And some of us have chose those purposes as part of our lives because we fear the unknown and these religions provide an answer.
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First of this that what is the life: - the view of life that life is nothing but an empty dream. That the soul that sleeps is dead. Things are not such as they appear to be. Life is not an illusion: it is a reality. Human life has many aims and goals that have to achieve in different part of life some occurs in children life some are in teen ages some comes in young and some are in old ages.
In children life human are immature haven't decision power their life's depend on parents, but that life has also aims.
In Teen ages life is in different ways they have some responsibilities and want to polish for good life.
Life is not self denial but self affirmation. We should neither run after hoys nor run away from sorrow.
Human life aim of life should be to act. We cannot forecast the result. Human life future has been decided by fate at an earlier time is neither enjoyment nor sorrow.
When two or more human beings are in a situation in which their lives are mutually endangered, all available ordinary means and reasonable efforts shall be used to preserve and to protect the life of each and every human being so endangered.
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Recall with me, Yasirswati ... there are truly many strata to 'Reality' but, more importantly, we create our own reality! Our life experiences mirror back what we truly believe and think. God bless, Luisa
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There is no exact purpose - we make our own purpose, or rather we find our own reasons to be alive. We feel we need purpose because we crave meaning, we can't accept the thought of being futile creatures living their lives in vain. But someof us find comfort in little ideas of why we might be alive, for example some people feel like they live to take care of their children, they live t do their career, they live to make others happy ('I was born to make peopel smile!') I personally see life as a generally purposeless thing, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, why does everything require a purpose or reason? I think it's an anthropocentric and egoistical despair that most humans feel when they question their purpose or doubt it, sme can't accept purposelessness and so they find ways of feeling liek they have a purpose; soem turn to religion. I say we all make the most of life no matter if we have purpose or not, lets make our own purpose, and write our own history.
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God has created this Universe, and than us, giving us free will to recreate this world again in paradise, by overcoming our human weaknesses which are hidden in our nature. A person on this earth can portray himself on God`s image , by practising the God attributes of love, Mercy and forgiveness. He can do selfless service to the needy at any time and place. He can show his compassionate heart towards all living creation of God. This life is not just for eating drinking and make marry, it is to remember God in each and every moment. Every work if done in compassion and fear of God , than we are fulfilling the purpose of our life.

A Human life has to find the reason for his presence on earth or in existence, no creation of God is present without a reason, this reason some may find some may not. The reason can be to help humanity, to lead people, to raise your kids.
The most basic reason for existence of human life is to bring more life on to this planet, more humans and to raise them with a fear of God, to make the aware of the Gods presence and teach them to walk on the paths defined by God.

In general if you specifically want to understand the purpose of life, then I will say its just a mystic impression which no one can ever find.
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This will describe the truth, a truth that can't be denied or ridiculed, a truth so truthful that lies would empower it's words. Everything around us is empty until we replace it with ourselves, with our creations our dreams and motives. We are all to be the hands of GOD but we instead bow down and choose to be the hands of another man. You all seek the reason to live inside the current society of chaos and ungodliness but what if I were to say... At this very instance I observe my people, am I not one of them? Are they not proud of what they are? What pushes their minds in believing they can not take part in the magic? Do they go blind at the very sight of reason? They believe themselves small when they can move mountains and planets, they fall in doubt when they encounter the truth. They do not believe they can make miracles, when every day is another one. They do not understand the meaning of UNIVERSE even if whispered in their ears. They live and think of yesterday, when tomorrow is today and feel shame when love is at question. What will it take for them to be exposed to the truth, we are but ONE! We are complete only when we rise together and support not only our brothers and sisters, but our entire existence as humans. For when it goes wrong for one, it goes wrong for all. They do not understand nor believe that heaven in this universe is only restricted by their inability to come together and make it so. They will not be told, they will see, yes this time they will see the truth, one day they will feel the truth, one day it will be the only truth. When love will embrace the morning sky and men will talk of the miracles they will perform, and the things they will create. When man and women will no longer feel haste and live forever in the world their love created. Only then will they know salvation. Only then will they know their true purpose. Only then will they be one with the creator.
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Life is a stage in our evolution physically,mentally and spiritually. Not only the prorogation and survival of man as a species but the betterment of man. Each generation should in a spiritual sense bring us closer to god. We should become fitter in a physical sense and wiser as well. I also believe that it is in our makeup to explore and perhaps spread our species throughout the universe.
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Life in itself is the purpose, ie. The process itself is the end. The search for a definite ontological understanding of what it is to serve a certain objective would endlessly regress. Thus we must create an ultimate dimension in which we do not deal with the intricacies of purpose. If an answer is found, another question will surely follow...
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The purpose of life is to be happy.....live your life the way you believe is right, find and fufill your purpose (whatever that purpose may be), and most importantly learn lessons (some good some bad) that will stick with you for the rest of eternity.
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This world and this life has nothing to offer us. We were born to give glory to Christ Jesus and only to HIM that was crucified for our sins.
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The purpose of life! It is very intersting question becouse it gives us who we are where we come so. The prpose of life is that to

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