If you survive against all odds, are you likely to thank God or curse God? Because after all, God must have saved you, but simultaneously caused the situation in which rescue was necessary


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I cannot imagine why you feel that you should blame God for everything that happens. He is not a puppeteer pulling the strings of all events on Earth. He is loving and righteous and would not want to inflict danger and tragedy upon you. Bad events on Earth are as a result of man’s original sin in turning to Satan, taking away the perfect world he was given to live in. Satan and man rule this world. God is more likely to preserve you than to make you suffer
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Cheryle Masters
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Good answer. Amen, brother. Indeed, God will preserve us than make us suffer. Unfortunately, we sometimes bring on our own suffering by our disobedience...our rebellion.
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Arthur Wright answered
I lived the kind of life where God definitely was with me so many times so I owe him alot but now since my career ending severe construction accident I question his reasoning as to why now
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Jasmine Haha
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I think that as long as you stay wit God through all of your problems even when your career is ending, and eventually it will get better(:

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