Who Told Job To "Curse God And Die!"?


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His wife. She insisted, because even in his suffering he continued to love GOD and refused to blame GOD for his sufferings and illnesses! Job never stopped believing and trusting GOD!
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Job wife told him to curse God and die.
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His wife told him to curse god and die.
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Job's wife
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Lucifer told Job to just give up on God and Die, God put Job through test to show the devil that he is faithful to God and what he wants
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Job 2 vs.[9] Then said his wife unto him, Dost thou still retain thine integrity? Curse God, and die

1)This is the perfect response for someone who does not believe in God...for to die by trying to demonstrate that one is more powerful than God demonstrates that God does not do or is incapable of doing what he says he will do.

2) Ones integrity which herein is implied rests on the faith in God is not eroded by ones pain and suffering brought on by the will of God but is strengthened by the victory over pain...that is why Satan did a good job of testing Job, after God gave him permission so to do.

3) The Devil did not test Job it was Satan, I know for most this separation is difficult to bear but Satan as a son of God helps to keep the borders of Possibilities to prove the strength of the faithful.. The Tempter The devil is a deceiver who cannot exist without the 'guide' and is foolish...because he plays a God he will never understand..self importance

4) Know you know why the Man is the head of the house and so represents God because once his moral fiber is strengthened through his wife and children he will go on the limb to prove it.

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