Can Two Leos Fall In Love?


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Of course they can! But this match is one of extremes, it could either way, good or bad but nothing in between! The combination of two fire signs can result in a huge explosion of either fury or passion!
Can two Leos date successfully?
  • On a positive note, as both people in this relationship are the same star sign, they really know how to get the other's juices flowing. This makes for a passionate relationship, with plenty of romantic drama!
  • However, Leos have the tendency to be domineering - so, in this match, one of the Leos must submit to the other or the relationship will turn into a constant power struggle.
  • Leo is the extroverted, passionate and expressive sign of the Zodiac. Two fire signs together will surely make for an extremely eventful partnership!
  • Both will be faithful and loyal to their loved one, no matter what. This couple will also enjoy a very wide social circle, as people seem to naturally gravitate towards their warmhearted and generous nature.
in short - yes, these signs can be extremely good together, but they can just as easily cause an explosion!
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Leos are very strong-minded and strong-willed people. We like to be in the spotlight and we are very loving, caring and compassionate. You can read whatever a physic or the stars say about your sign, and if you two make a good couple or not, but keep in mind that no-one can tell you for sure how things will work out.

If you both do everything you need to do to make the relationship work, it will. No one or nothing can make it work except you and the other person. Listen to what your heart and soul tells you, don't allow jealousy, ego and our stubborn ways to take control.

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My boyfriend and I are both Leos and everything is great! We have been together for almost nine months now. But honestly, sometimes we do clash like every relationship.

But I believe anyone can date any person. Its all about working things out together, if you want it to work out. Communicating and having trust is very important.
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From what I read, and think, yes. Leos are supposed to be open minded about things, but this shouldn't rule over love. From my perspective I think anyone can fall in love with anyone, It's simply a justification of free will and choice. One should go with their heart, while still being somewhat logical about their decisions.

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