Can A Gemini Man Fall In Love With A Libra Woman? If So, Can It Last?


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Yes, he certainly can! With effort (and time), these two could quite easily form a long-term relationship.

However, they could find there will be issues with the Libra's need for a much closer relationship than a Gemini man is normally accustomed to.

If they can sort out these issues, however, then these two have the potential to have a very enjoyable relationship.

Can a Gemini man fall in love with a Libra woman? Are they compatible?
  • These two will find that they both love anything that's refined, artistic, sociable, interesting and intellectual.
  • They are natural communicators, so there should never be any awkward silences between the two of you!
  • The Libra woman will find the Gemini man's charming nature almost irresistible. She aso will appreciate his wit and intellectualism. 
  • The Gemini man is attracted by the generosity of his Libra lady, and he enjoys her loving and caring nature.
  • These two can safely expect to enjoy a great sex-life. They are harmonious between the sheets, and will find that their love-making creates a much deeper bond between them.
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I believe the love between a Gemini and a Libra is the best love there is!

I am a Libra and my man is a Gemini! We had known each other since grade school but were always friends!!

Nothing ever happened and we just casually spoke, but this year (2010) we saw each other after a very long time and sparks flew!

I feel like I am in the fairytale of a lifetime! It's so amazing what we have and I believe that signs do matter! Things are great in my relationship! And good luck to all!
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I'm a Libra female and my new co-worker is a Gemini male. He has a lot of energy - very much like one of the personalities inside me that I don't show most people.

We get along well so far. We bicker a good amount but in good fun. Very mentally stimulating and unpredictable when communicating with one another.

There seems to be attraction but too soon to know. Gemini guys are very sexy and young-spirited. I must admit I can tell he will be very confusing, but I can't complain because I know I'm incredibly confusing: It makes me laugh thinking about how much I might confuse him.

I see a lot of similarity in him already. His responses are quick but so are mine. We both like to smile a lot, also we both use charm to our advantages. His comments can be a bit more hurtful then mine. I tend to be more careful with my word choices making sure I do not hurt people's feelings unless I wish for revenge, but he just blurts things out.

Overall he is very refreshing and exciting. I would say he is not for the emotional heart, there is a emotional dissociation with most air signs in the beginning until trust is earned so be cautious initially if air signs appear to be involved. We air signs are very unpredictable, usually even to ourselves.
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Definitely! Although, I do believe that it is always important to get to know your potential partner (what have you) before really looking into the Zodiac signs. But. I will say that Gemini and LIbra are both air signs. They are both really quite matched because of this. Good Luck!
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Yes, I believe so because my husband and I have been together for several years and we still have that spark.
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Yes they can! In the sense that love is not about loving the perfect person perfectly but the ability to love imperfect person perfectly.
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As a Libra woman, I find it the most intoxicating relationship, in every way. Twins in a way.
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Yes I believe so.

I just got out of a relationship where I was terribly hurt, and he'd got out of one too. We met at a gas station on June 29th, on my sister's birthday.

It just feels so right. I don't know what really is going to happen but I'm willing to give this a try. We hit it off so fine. I have to see what happens, then I can explain more.

I do believe that the chemistry between him and me was very strong in the begining. I'm a Libra girl and he's a Gemini boy. I'm 19 years older than him.

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