I am 36 with a 12 year old daughter. For about 8-9 years I have dreamt that when I have to hold someone's baby I either end up dropping it or or can't keep a hold of it properly'. The baby is never hurt but I dream this about twice a month. What do you think this means?


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Dropping a baby that isn't yours is a common fear among men, no worries. But if you are interested in interpretating your dream then it could suggest that you are relieving yourself of some job, companionship, individual, or notion. Also it could indicate that you are letting go some project, relationship, person, or idea also it could mean that you feel your daughter is slipping away from you

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In India ,  we believe dreams reflects our past and future .for example budhha's mother dreamed about white elephant . If you believe this you have to be careful with your baby .

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