What does it feel like to fast during Ramadan?


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Maybe you should try it and see for yourself. :) Fasting Ramadhan is a time of spiritual reflection by abstaining from food and drink from dawn to sunset it teaches you self-discipline. Also, during this time you can understand how other's may feel who are less fortunate. In my opinion it also teaches you to be thankful and grateful for the food that you have. It's a time to reflect and work on the self. It's very rewarding. It's truly  a very special time.

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When you break your fast, there is a big meal. Can you tell me anything about that? What kind of food do you usually eat? Is there a specific diet that can help you stay energised during the daytime?
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Kass, when we break the fast it is usually dinner time so we usually break it with some fruit and water. Then we make prayer and then we eat dinner. I am on a vegetarian like diet. ( I say that because I eat fish but am not eating any dairy or red meat). My family they eat chicken, rice, and green beans. That is what they had for dinner last night.

I like to eat according to my day. If I am not going to be doing a whole lot during the day I eat lightly for the early morning breakfast. However, if my day is going to be more active I will eat more. I have been making smoothies for the early morning breakfast. However, for a day that is more active I will eat some fruit and some oatmeal. The other day I drank a smoothie and had a middle eastern bread called, "Zatr". I usually make sure I drink some water too to make sure I am hydrated.

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