Am I a werewolf, vampire, or a hybrid?


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Mike J answered

Nope, you are not an imaginary, Twilight-based creature. You are still human, no worries!

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Brian Scott , vam, answered

Ways to tell you're a vampire or a werewolf:

Don't listen to what anyone else tells you, there are ways to know if you are vampirical.

Test #1

You order a steak at a restaurant, obviously you want it rare. When it arrives, you slice it open and see this:

Are you more excited by the blood trickling into your plate, or the thought of ripping through the meat with your teeth?

If it's the blood that has you excited, you are a vamp!

If you can't wait to get your jaws around that juicy meat, then you're a werewolf.

Test #2

What do you think of fleas?

If you can relate to their taste for blood, then you are a vampire.

If you think they are a horrible pest that makes you feel itchy just looking at them, you are  a werewolf.

Test #3

Which of these pictures looks coolest to you?




(Answers: A= Werewolf, B = Vampire, C = Hybrid)

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