Who Here Is A Vampire Or Werewolf? For Real?


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I am a vampire. No, really. And we are not as bad as you seem to think we are. It is kind of insulting. My friend is also a vampire, though I have nothing against werewolves(I also call them shapeshifters). Although some of the people in my school are werewolves, I never talk to them because I am a telepath and the direction of their thoughts are almost always about how they hate us (they notice the core physical traits of us almost immediately), and the only reason they hate us is because they do not have their facts straight(like you).
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Nicole Dinsmore
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Dont diss man. I have nothing against you. I am friends with several vampires.
girl cool
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I have nothing against your kind and I am so sorry how poeple jump to cuclusoises about you. P.S. I am a werewolf.
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Hi! Are you guys real vampires? I mean real as in real.
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I am a vampire, and the only one in the district (as far as I know) so its hard to find someone that understands. I am though suspicious about slayers though.
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I am. Both oddly enough. I wish I was just one or the other though.
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Humanity has given us a bad reputation for centuries. Many today confuse vampirism with sanguarianism. From where I was raised, we are pale, and burn easily. It is possible to survive in sunlight though, albeit not for extended periods of time. 

We do drink blood yes, but it cannot sustain us infinitely (another misconception that writers/artists gave to us.) Depending on the type of Magickal attributes, each Vampire is unique. While one may be stronger than another, others may be faster, or have improved endurance. I am currently living in Oklahoma, and I can say, it is not a good place for me. 

I'd rather move back to the Russian Federation, England, Washington (state), or Alaska. In short, yes, I am a Vampire. I hope the information I typed will help you distinguish fantasy-addicted lunatics to real Vampires. Good day! - Alexx Mason

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There are real vampires, and werewolves. I'm the latter, although I prefer to call myself a shape shifter as it better describes myself.
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Ok his dimple! We are true vampires and werewolfs! The reason you say what you do is beacuse your a filthy mortal...not all mortals are stupid dumb and nieve as you though..the reason I'm saying mean things is beacuse I have a very bad temper! And if you make me mad enough I will hunt you down in the twilight hours btw I'm a werewolf!!
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I'm a werwolf pretty sad considering my bf is a vampire but I have no idea if its against anything and ps HE TRIED TO BITE ME!! Can you believe that o my gawd! I had to tell him then and ps his name is Jacob daniel Peterson pilling that's y my name is jacobfan ok not because I think the gayest movie on earth is good and what do they think they r trying to pull of the vampire werwolf thing! Werwolfs don't turn when they get really angry for the first time they turn when they are five and in school at the time then you have to leave and move across the world yippy! And vampires don't freaking sparkle! What the heck who do they think they r joking wait I remember now MORTALS!!!
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Nicole Dinsmore
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Hahahahha so true jac! And if you listen during the sparkling moment it goes ching ching and its like WHAT THE HECK MAN! At least they got how hot we are rite. Lmao

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