What's the worst nightmare you've ever had?


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well , probably alot but then it depends like i wached this super scary movie 3 years ago and i still remember it bi by bit and have nighmares too :{

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Mike J
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^Was just going to ask!
freking smiley
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lool, don't remember the name haloo? three years ago i just remember certain scenes from it and that scares me!
Mike J
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Hey Smiley, were you an old user on this site? For some reason your name seems very familiar.
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I once had a dream so vivid I couldn't believe it wasn't real. I was away on vacation at a beautiful beach with Mrs Didge and the Didglings. The water was blue and refreshing, the fish were practically jumping onto my hook and into the fry pan, and I didn't have a care in the world.

Then I woke and realised that I had to go to work. And THAT was the nightmare. >:-(

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The worst I had was a scene of a giant naked man with wild hair and sharp teeth sitting in front of an enormous wooden bowl. He was pulling out skinned children's faces from it and eating them as they screamed. His eyes were blank and dead as he devoured them.

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There was one where all my teeth were shattered.

I woke up once crying because my mom got sucked up in a tornado. :( 

And one time my sister had gone to Africa and got trampled by wildebeest. When I told my mom she laughed and said it was like "the lion king", but I don't know if it was from that or not.

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The only 2 nightmares I've got vague memories of (well 3 nightmares to be exact) was the movie Coraline, the Foot from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Roderick Rules and then the last one was me being eaten by flesh eating skeletons.

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Oh my god, this question made my stomach sink reading the title. Im better off replying properly tomorrow! Its too close to bed time for this one lol.

But now days, my worst have been dreams where I see people I use to love in my dreams and they completely ignore me. I cant understand why they would do that, act like im not even there. And I see them living a life that does not include me and its almost as if I cannot be seen.

I have dreamed of dying or feeling like it, and I am never sure whether something really did happen and if I was actually in danger while asleep.

But what extends my nightmares beyond humanity is, sleep paralysis. It happens somtimes. Can anyone relate, anyone have SP?

I have had dreams where im shot, and I am running from hospital to hospital scared out of my mind while EVERY hospital rejects me. That particular dream Ill never forget.
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An abstract dream where i'm nothingness - a void. Very anxious feeling
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Mike J
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As in, being treated as if you are invisible / completely ignored?
Rain Ungert
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No, its complete darkness and i'm a little white dot orsm. I can't see or feel nothing around
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I have two.  First I was about 4 and the family had stopped at a store.  And then they all got in the car and left without me, and I couldn't catch them on my tricycle. 

The second was one of those dreams that are so vivid that when you wake it still seems as tho they are real.  After all the little Baldwins had left for college, I dreamed my wife was pregnant.  Kept me frightened for days. 

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Early one Friday morning, I walking between two buildings and about half way to the end the 🚪 in front of me slammed close as I turned to go 🔙 the other 🚪slammed closed.

I was yelling, screaming  and crying. I started praying and woke up.

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Skeleton Jack might catch me in the back and then scream like a banshee.

Pumpkins eating children.

When Hades broke loose from the underworld.

Meeting any old pirate who turned out to be my parents...from the dead.

Having someone's foot chase me around the house.

Having a pair of pants chase me and kick me around.

Having a moment of silence when all hell broke loose from the ground.

Having Michael Jackson come alive in zombie form and singing Thriller.

Having a zombie scream, "GO TO HELL!" all night long in my ear.

Once I had a nightmare about Davy Jones. He chased me on his own death ship the Flying Dutchman and carving out my heart.

Ooh...I'm talking too much. I think I'm gonna... *begins to snore*

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I had a dream where I was being choked by a ghost. And why the heck do you want to know people's nightmares????❓❔

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I had a recurring dream when I was a child.  Someone was trying to abduct me, and I was trying to flee on my scooter .... But neither the scooter nor my legs would move at all.  I would always wake up yelling just as I was being caught.

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Not being able to see the love of my life. I cannot see the love of my life for 10 years.

No, I'm joking. But the first part of my answer is true. I just cannot bare to see my lover missing me every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every week, every year. (Well I'm getting a little dramatic now but....)

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Zombie apocalypse

I get eaten every time

Like this 

Its really violent so if you cant handle death then you might not wanna watch this.

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I had a nightmare just last night .. Of two really creepy clowns .. You know the ones with the jagged teeth, saliva dripping, crazed eyes .. Ready to rip your guts out kind of clowns ..

when I woke up I was drenced in sweat and shaken to the core .. But as my eyes adjusted to the light and I got a grip of my wits .. I realized I fell asleep with the tv on and it was on the news channel .. And covering the story of the election between Hillary and Donald.

Yeeesh .. Now THOSE are some scary bastids!

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