I had a bad dream last night- what's one of the worst dreams you've ever had?


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Most of my bad dreams now are about car accidents or reliving that one big one I was in. Of course, there are the typical getting stabbed or shot type of dreams but those aren't as graphic.

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That would be a toss up between the reoccurring nightmare of being in a car that runs along a road but ends up going off a ledge or bridge into the water with me trapped inside . . . .

OR, Having bears outside a house trying to get in with me inside . . And them succeeding and me running to find a hiding place in the house . . .

OR, Something happening to one of my children . . . One was when they were young, and I had a dream my youngest fell over the side of a cruise ship . . . So I jumped over to grab them and desperately pushed away from the ship to get away from the props . . . . Another was a dream about my oldest getting into an argument with me and running off, with us never able to find him again . . .

Earliest nightmare, was at 5 years old. A gnome or leprechaun was peering at me in a misty dark wood from behind a tree . . each time peering from a tree closer to me  . . as a I ran the tree was always closer until I ran around a tree and he stabbed me with a large dagger . . . I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach exactly where he had stabbed me . . .

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otis campbell
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wow crazzzy dreams
Darik Majoren
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The water ones were going on when my parents were getting a divorce and my family was being torn apart . . . which makes total sense when one understands what water symbolizes in our subconscious.

The bear was interesting as well . . . I believe I looked up the meaning of the symbolism as well . . . I forgot what it was.

I've no idea about the little creepy guy stabbing me . . . it inspired a short story I had been working on entitled "Goblin's Grin".
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Not my worst but one of the memorable.

It started off as a nightmare but towards the end I was lead down a hall way. At the end, I found myself in front a gyms double-wide swinging doors from my old elementary school. Through the doors I could hear music playings and lights were shining through the cracks of the openings. I pulled out of my pocket a glowing push-pop light saber, cherry flavored, and pushed my way through. And on the other side a party. A dance party. A dance party with only most gruesome and terrorizing horror movie monsters from all the classic 80's horrors. It was a blast, we had a great time :) 

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When I was 7 or 8 years old I had a dream a skeleton covered in blood and flesh, came into my room with a gun and shot me... :/

There was also one where I was stuck in the back of a car and it drove off a cliff and I died.

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Seeing someones head blown to pieces by a grenade and have it reform to have a bullet blown it to pieces yet again. Only to have it reform yet again an see the skin and muscles peeled away slowly. While all this is happening, the person is screaming in agony. HA HA. Good times.

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Dear Nina Varganov,

I used to love dreams, and enjoyed exploring them as a way to know myself better...

My worst dream was around 1999, and it actually lasted all night. It was so distressing that it would wake me up over and over, and then as soon as I fell asleep again, the dream would just resume where it left off.

Dream: I was with older male family members and also young children, and we were running from the Nazis. On and on, all night - waking in terror, falling asleep only to have the dream resume.

* * *

As a result of all this, I actually came to believe more in reincarnation, and that all this was not so much a dream as a past-life memory. This idea was reinforced when in later years I had followup dreams, telling more of the story, finally my death in a concentration camp.

I was born in 1944, so the timing was right for Nazi concentration camps. This dream/memory/whatever has been useful in understanding some of my fears and other personality tendencies.

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I was on my way to a place I'd never been before.

When I arrived there I found this thing called money,

military, government, and religion. There's no place like,

home, There's no place like home, There's no place like home.

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I've had quite a few over the years, but I still remember a terrifying one from childhood.  I was being kidnapped.  I tried to get away on my scooter, but it simply wouldn't move.

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My worst dream that I ever had was this...(I know I'm kinda answering this late, lol)

                              My Dream:

So, I was sleeping in my room. I woke up to get a drink of water and I heard a weird noise, so I got scared and I went to ask my mom what it was but then she didn't answer, so I turned on the light and saw that there was blood all over her and on my dad. So, my parents were murdered. I didn't know who killed my parents, I went back to my room, to ask my younger brother if he knew. (I share a room with him) But I saw there was blood all over him too, so he was also dead. I got so scared that I started to cry. I heard other strange noises, but this time in the living room. I got my mom's phone and went to the living room and I found (I know this sounds weird but scary) the Devil right there in front of me and he had his knife covered in blood, he smiled at me and said, "You're next." I started to scream and cry. I ran outside and the Devil started chasing me and I started calling 911 and told them everything and they didn't believe me. They said, "Miss, we have no time for jokes." I said, "No, please this is real." 911 said, "No, it's not." Then I said, "Please, it is..." Then I died because the Devil, killed me.

When I woke up from this terrible dream, my heart was beating so fast.

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Bad dreams are uncommon for me, but one that sticks with me:

I was standing in my bedroom looking out the window that faces the main road, and I was watching as the stereotypical Grim Reaper walked back and forth to different houses before stopping in the middle of the road, turning to look at me, then pointing at me. It then proceeded to drift over to my house, climb the porch, and come through my window. That's about where I woke up every time. I dismissed it as my paranoia creeping into my dreams, until I was talking to my towns librarian almost a year after those dreams stopped and she told me she was afraid some local kids were playing pranks because she "swears" she saw someone dressed as the Grim Reaper walking around after dark.

I sleep with my windows locked now.

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