What was the best dream you ever had and the worst nightmare?


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My best dream: I have a friend who hadn't spoken to me in awhile, I fell asleep with my phone ext to me because I was blaring music to sleep (all of this was real)  but in my dream he called me and told me what was wrong and why he was distant.. He had never actually tried to reach me tho.

Worst dream: We got out of school for Christmas break and there was a guy I liked, and I was set on telling him. On my dream, I tried to reach him at school but there were too many obstacles  //>.< and I never saw him, he was so distant.

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Roy Lovett
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I remember you mentioning that > < Everyone you talked about is so distant..
Luke Reine
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I think the worst dream was caused by a manifestation of your fears. c: You were going to tell this guy you liked him, the fact that he was no longer around was what you feared would happen. He'd feel awk and leave, pretty scary. Sorry about that.
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My best dream hasn't happened yet and I'm still looking forward to that. The worst nightmares I have are still from the war and all the faces of those who are gone. They've slackened after 40 some odd years but I still get them.

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Roy Lovett
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My grandpa would have similar dreams, they would scare my grandma.. They don't really occur now.
Rooster Cogburn
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I wish mine didn't occur. I take it your Grandpa was in the Green Hell ? Vietnam? I did two tours there.
Corey The Goofyhawk
I share the same sentiment as Normal Nobody! Our servicemen and women are the true heros of America! Thank you.
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Best dream - when I was six, we went to Disney World. I dreamed I would meet Winnie the Pooh.

Worst dream - when I was 19, I was r aped (software is not letting me type the actual word) by my stepfather at knife point. I had nightmares for three years after this event until I talked to a therapist.

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Roy Lovett
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Having friends to help is great :) I'm glad you had some support, it's hard to find great people. You're looking on the bright side of it, although it was a tough and traumatic experience.. There aren't many people that think like you, you sound like a wonderful person c:
Danae Hitch
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Thank you, Roy, for your kind words. I appreciate it.
Roy Lovett
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You're welcome :)
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Best: I can't speak to someone I love a lot right now, something happened, I won't talk about it.. I had a dream he came to my house to visit. He said "sorry" I cried and hugged him, he hugged me back and then I woke up :'s

Worst: I was in a dark place, thinking about suicide 24/7. I had a dream that I actually went through with it, the dream started out with me going in and out of consciousness, my crush at the time was driving and well, rushing me to the hospital. I was bleeding from my stomach and yelling at him yo leave me, I didn't want help. He was crying and so was I, he told me, "I will not leave you." And I lost track of what happened after that, until we got to the hospital. We finally got there, I saw his face , terrified and a mixture of something else.. I couldn't leave him like that.. I let him help me. :) it was a nightmare, given I had been thinking about killing myself... But it made me think about the people I would be leaving behind.

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Frederick Fisk
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Suicide is one of the most selfish things one can do. Sadly, to have gone there, you don't really think about others' feelings at the time. "You" is a theoretical you, don't misunderstand please :>
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Best dream : It was so vivid, eagles were flying, showing off and performing in mid-air. Freeze-framing, it looked like art work.

Worst dream: Also very vivid. I was in a bathroom, unzipped and sitting on the toilet. Felt the coolness of the toilet seat. Lol...if I had not awaken at that moment..... Well you know. !

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I can't remember ever having a best dream but I've had some pretty 💩 ones. I had a dream my dad died, terrifying.... I cried for two hours that day, I was just a little lad at the time :> lol I kept going in to check on him many times throughout the day. He never asked why I did that bit he did get annoyed xP

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