How do people with no religion accept death?


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As any mature person does.

Living life to the fullest and most moral as it is the only life you have.

Being conscious of this, so that one is dependently moral on the strength of our evolutionary underpinnings of morality and what is set in the society one resides in. A society free of superstition and given over to rationality. One tries to leave the world that is a better place than worrying about a world that isn't.

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Audrey  Mack
Audrey Mack commented
Thank you Didge for your opinion, but I based my answer on older ones that I personally have the privilege of teaching the answers to such questions as.."why do we suffer and die"....."is there life after death". Why do trees live longer than we do?... Why did God put eternity in our hearts but the average age to die is seventy or eighty?. Something went wrong obviously?. It's God in the process of correcting it?. In the meantime what do we do?. All the answers are right in the bible?. How comforting.
Didge Doo
Didge Doo commented
Well, comforting for those who find solace in fairy tales, I suppose.
Kamlesh J. Shah
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Well death has to be accepted by everyone whether they are religious or not and one has to move on.But here is an article that shows death as that which teaches us to live a more joyous,enriching and meaningful life.

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