Where Was God Before He Created Heaven And Earth?


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God's active force  was moving to and fro over the surface of the waters. He had already created the heaven and the earth. As He didn't create humans as yet, he was in existence, probably getting ready for the creation, but where He was, I suppose thats His business, as He is powerful and mighty, and as He doesn't need or want anything but for us to love Him and honor Him, we can't say where He was before He created Heaven and Earth.

I would like to hope that he was busy thinking of all the good stuff He was going to give us and probably thinking off how sad we were going to make Him with all the evil on the earth.    

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God is Spirit. God is eternal. He has no beginning and no end. He always existed. Time and space don't apply to Him. So, the question of who created God or where He was before He created the universe is superfluous and a waste of time. Let God be God.
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There is no God - life evolved
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Imagine the number eight...I'll just show you 8, now turn that side ways. That is the infinite symbol, God is forever, He was not made or created, God was always God, Read the book of John in the NT chapter 1:1-18. This is the account of God coming to earth as a man to receive His creation, but no one knew Him, only them that are written in heaven shall know the true nature of God. Lucky us! We get to go to heaven and learn so much about Him and live forever! Which I believe it shall take eternity to learn!

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He was sitting on His throne in His mansion thinking about how He was going to clean heaven out and now that is what He is doing.
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Perhaps He was thinking that He'd try not to mess up so badly this time round. Oh well, better luck next time......

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