Does anyone know how to kill a ghost?


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For 19.99 u can have the Otis Campbell ghost killer it slices dices chopes purees a ghost

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Call Bill Murray ... GHOSTBUSTERS !

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If you subscribe to the idea that ghosts are the spirits of people caught somewhere between the world of the living and the dead, killing one would seem impossible.

What's more often talked about is "helping them complete their crossover" to the realm of the dead.

In popular culture most cases of ghosts trapped in this predicament have unfinished business in this world. Perhaps they need to seek forgiveness for something they have done, right a wrong, or take revenge against someone that has aggrieved them.

So the key steps to getting rid of a ghost would be to:

  1. Make contact
  2. Establish what it's still doing here on Earth; what unfinished business it has.
  3. Help it complete that business.
  4. Say goodbye.

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The thing is they are already dead. That is how they got to be a ghost.

If you want it to leave you alone, according to the shows with psychics on them, just tell them in a stern voice to leave you alone. Or tell them that you realize they used to live there, but now it is your home and they need to stop bothering you.

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