How Does A Ghost Make Sounds?


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There is a lot of different equipment that investigators use to obtain their findings of EVP, (electronic voice phenomena). It's believed that the ghosts, spirits or entities that they are investigating are energies.
These energies can be picked up with the electrical equipment as simple as a tape recording, or a digital camera, and EMFs, (ElectroMagnetic Field meters). These meters measure emitted radiation and change in an electromagnetic field. Everything is electrical in nature in one way or another, with different frequencies being utilized for different things.
It's believed that these spiritual energies can use this energy to communicate with us through these devices since they are "designed" to communicate.
Hearing a spirit is on a different level, but still using energy. Ever find a cold spot in a room that you walk through, and the temperature change is noticable. It's believed that there is an energy in that spot, usually taken to be an entity, though not in a form.
It said to draw the surrounding energies in said room to make itself known. In the same context, the spirit is said to draw those energies to be able to create sound.
Gathering what they can, and expelling that energy in the form of vocal phenomenon.
Now to hear the phenomenon, it's believed that you have to have a certain type of energy or energies in you that allow some people to hear it, and some not to, because not every person is the exact duplicate of an electrical pattern, we are all electrical, but individual.
These senses are considered to be more receptive to the energies in an area, or areas that are said to have this type of phenomena happening.
This is said to be where the psychic comes in, being a person who can feel or sense the area and draw a conclusion to an event or events that left a mark of energy that replays over and over.
It's through electricity being used from surroundings that make them audible. Electricity has a sound to it too, and it can be manipulated and used on different levels. Hope this helps.

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