Do people who commit suicide go to hell?


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The answer to that question is within yourself. It depends on what your beliefs are. Some people choose to believe that yes, people who commit suicide are damned to hell, along with murderers, rapists and the like... What about people who are mentally unstable, and believe they are commiting suicide for the "good" of others? Does that person go to hell?... Makes no sense to me, but each to his own. I choose to believe that such a person moves on to another life.

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Well, there is chance that a person who commits suicide goes to hell, I believe God forgives us... But I do believe our soul needs to cross over to the other side... See people have many beliefs, so it's really hard to say.

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They would go to purgatory. 

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This is a tough one, I am an atheist but they say that God is all forgiving and all loving so depending on how you lived your life, he would judge you on that. However hey do say that only God has the right to give and remove life. It depends also upon how bad the persons life was; maybe the people who lead him to do so should go to hell. I think that (if it existed of course) hell is temporary and when you are truly sorry, you may enter heaven. Hope this helps.

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It is a popular belief that one who commits suicide are sent to hell...! Because tough times are part of a test put up by GOD in every individual's life and by committing suicide they say you are opting for the easy way out. I choose to believe the contrary. One who commits suicide are the ones those who suffer way too much and have no one to hold on to. Nothing seems to appear better. Time passes but things remain same. Some people's life are much more harder than the rest. People who commits suicide may or may not go to hell i don't know. But never opt for that. There is always a ray of hope. Talk to someone. If you have no friends choose professional help.

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It depends on your beliefs. Personally, as I am not religious, I don't believe in hell, and therefore would say that they don't.  However, if there was such a thing as hell, I don't think that they should go there. After everything they've been through, why would God make them suffer even more?

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