How do you get magic ice powers?


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So I did a little research on how to get ice powers, and this is what I've noticed:

Initially, I was kind of excited because it seemed like a lot of people had successfully gained ice powers, and it was going to be pretty easy to answer this question.

There were videos all over YouTube all about how to cast ice spells and stuff like that:

So I started watching a bunch of these videos... And they were interesting...

But as you can probably tell, not 100% genuine. As in the people in these videos didn't really have ice powers. And yet somehow they get more than 125,000 views on YouTube...

Now obviously, the interest in magic ice powers comes from the fact that Disney released a movie called Frozen pretty recently, and it has captured people's imaginations...

How much has the movie Frozen affected people?
Well, one way to find out is to look at Google Trends data to work out what the general public has been searching for.

When you look at the search term "frozen" for example, there is a steep increase in the number of searches that coincides with the 2014 release of the movie Frozen.

Interestingly, looking at volume of searches for the term "ice powers" also shows a spike in 2014, but also suggests that there has been an overall interest in ice powers throughout the best part of this decade.

Anyway... This all proves the interest around Ice Powers is heavily linked to the release of a fictional Disney movie.


But do ice powers actually exist?
The answer is actually YES, but not quite how you think.

Rather than spending your time learning magic spells, the best thing you can do if you want ice powers is to pay attention in chemistry class.

Hopefully this video of some kids (carefully) playing around with liquid nitrogen should prove that ice powers do exist:

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