Do you belive in aliens?


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Corey The Goofyhawk , Epic has no limit, answered

In an infinite universe with billions of galaxies, there is no possible way that we are the only intelligent life out there. Yes, I think there is other intelligent life out there. Not necessarily little greens aliens, though. Perhaps they are waiting for us to create our own warp drive engine before first contact.

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Taylor Brookes answered

I think its silly not to. Statistically, it's highly likely.

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Alika Cooper answered

No, I don't. I believe in reality not in fantasy world.

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SuperFly Original
is that sarcasm?
Alika Cooper
Alika Cooper commented
I believe in foreigners but it's awkward to believe in Aliens. Humans are good enough intelligent to discover them, if they exist one day human will find them.
And you need to read the question again, it's about personal belief not about bla bla..
SuperFly Original
Or they will find us!
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Daan Scatozza answered

Depends on what you mean. The "little green men" would be VERY unlikely to exist. If they would, that would be a miraculous coincidence. Although i do believe that something is out there. With the amount of planets that's unavoidable. I mean, if it was formed here, why could that process not repeat itself somewhere else? The ones who don't believe in them are more like the ones who believe in the "little green men" than the ones who do.

ps. aliens could just as well be some kind of wildlife, I mean, most of it is wildlife here.

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