Do you believe that we really have a lot to do with making our own "fate" in life?


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Rooster Cogburn Profile
Rooster Cogburn , R, answered

Yes, we can. I believe firmly in fate and destiny and we have the ability to make our own through our actions in life. Nice question. I do believe in it ! Very much so.

Noor-ul-Elmah Hasan Profile

Yes ! I believe man makes his fortune . If a person does any work with a good outlook planning and best of his efforts he will definitely get a good result . On contrary , if one does not take full interest in his work he can never make his fortune .

Alexis Scuderi Profile
Alexis Scuderi answered

Yes, our decisions affect us.  If we make a different decision, you will have a different outcome.

nk kutty Profile
nk kutty , life time student, answered

Yes. We only make our fate. That may be by chance or choice.

Nick Perez Profile
Nick Perez answered

We are on our own in our own minds so yes. You will never see the world the way somebody else does

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