Do you think that we Humans could be creators? That the things we come up with, our ideas, could bring forth life in another Universe, that we would be creating that Universe just with our ideas. I think it's a neat perspective.


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Interesting perspective. But i don't think humans are close to that at all. But maybe in the distant future

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Christian Leckey
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I was implying that if we had a thought, it becomes reality. Example, the Marvel writers come up with a new superhero, thing is, they just didn't create a new superhero but gave it life as it becomes real.
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oh i see now! that's a cool idea
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All day long your consciousness creates stories and scenarios . . Some of based around this world, and those whom have a more creative edge, might do so with regards to another world . . . While I do not believe it creates an actual physical representation or entity of sorts, the imagination is a powerful thing.

Think about how many concepts we borrow from to form our "Original Thoughts" . . . Very little it original at this point. Consider early man's imaginations . . . How Light (Day) and Darkness (Night) would come to represent Good and Evil based on the impact it made on survival . . . We are great story tellers.

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Well, I understand the Mormons think that we can become gods in our own universe---literally.

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