What is the most important thing in this world?


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Air, water, and beer ! Lol

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The most important thing on earth is air and water!

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A sense of community:  the willingness to cooperate and to help each other.

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Love this answer!
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Thanks, Kass. We'd be stuffed without it.

I live in a bushfire-prone community and everybody pitches in when there's a problem. We forget our pettiness and the community takes on a new identity.
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That varies from person to person. Importance is decided by the value we give to a particular thing or people or place. If u ask in general some may say WATER, AIR, OXYGEN etc etc. Some may say my FAMILY, GIRLFRIEND/BOYFRIEND, FRIENDS etc... 

Others may say materialistic things like MONEY, BIKES, CELL-PHONES etc. It is something you feel you value the most. I think for me it would be the well being and a healthy life for my family.

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Every thing that makes your life better

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